Blender 2.8 camera track to constraint

In 2.79, all I have to do to get the camera to follow an empty is to select the camera, shift select the empty, then press ctrl t, then select track to constraint. Ctrl t seem to have changed in 2.8. Any help in letting me know how the workflow changed would be great. Thanks.

EDITED, DEC 6, 2018; I thought I wrote down “Ctrl t seem to have changed in 2.8.” But it turns out I typed “Ctrl t DOESN’T seem to have changed in 2.8.” I meant to write down that ctrl t changed… lol, I wonder how many people who read the original question scratched their heads trying to understand me.

In 2.8 we have the quick favs menu hotkey: Q
To assign something to quick favs navigate to the button (in this case object -> constraints), RMB and select “add to quick favorites.”
Then whenever you need that tool press Q then press (underlined letter of desired tool) for blazing fast access like a boss. :sunglasses:

Thank you. I found where the object constraints were before asking this question. But when I tried track to constraint it wasn’t working. It turns out I just didn’t know how to set it up properly. The way it was in 2.79 blender automatically set the tracking up for you. In 2.8, you have to set it up. It just took me awhile to figure out what the settings were.

Thanks for the tip on how to add object constraints to the favs. I wonder why ctrl+t was one of the shortcuts that got axed.

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can you tell us how you did it because i am struggling with the same problem. So in the past i could click on the camera then click on the empty and press “ctrl t” track to constraint now i don’t know how to do it and cant find it in the constraints menu.

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sorry it took me forever to realize someone posted here. i followed this guide to get it working;

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