Blender 2.8 celebration giveaway - Rapid PBR Material Creator

Hi guys! To celebrate Blender 2.8 release I am giving away 28 copies of super useful addon!
It simplifies PBR material creation workflow to a SINGLE click.

Hurry up and grab your free copy here (use “blender28” coupon code)

More info about the addon here:


Thanks! i have been eying this add-on.this is most fortuitous as im saving for an apartment.
very kind of you!

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Oh my gosh, thank you very much for this. Amazing. :slight_smile:

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No problem guys :smiley:
You can give some rating stars if you like it haha

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Very kind thank you.

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Thank you so much!

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Do I have to enter my card number?

Giveaway is over. All coupons have been used.