Blender 2.8 Collections has me confused

First, is that I am a beginner! I started using V2.79 just 9 months ago and started trying to make a ships hull (that eventually I want to ‘walkthrough’) but it all got complicated and I was making mistakes and gave up.

That is however not my usual way, so I am back again and now using Version 2.8 and I have opened my model and I am now trying to sort out the mess I made of it.

I have the basic hull shape plus 8 deck beams and a person inside (to remind me of scale) thus I think I have a total of 10 objects?
When I made the beams, I remember that I duplicated them (or maybe I made one and duplicated that).

My problem now is that I want to make each beam a separate object and then I want to make a new collection comprising the hull plus the 8 beams plus the person,but Blender 2.8 is showing that I have 20 collections and I am reluctant to start deleting objects as I prefer to understand what I have done wrong and make it right before continuing to blunder along with this model.

Hopefully this screenshot will illustrate what I am struggling to write up.
I have of course tried to find answers on the web but all seem to refer to Version 2.79 or earlier and I am getting very confused.
I would be most grateful if anyone can enlighten me or point me in the right direction.

With thanks :confused:

Without seeing the blend file, I’m assuming your 2.79 file had used every “layer” of the 20? That would account for 20 collections, each collection would be representative of either a layer in the 2.79 file or a group.

Either that, or you have all your objects active on every layer so it is duplicated 20 times.
Personally, I’d create a new collection, isolate what you want and move them to that collection, (M for move allows that as it did for layers). EDIT: Justr tried having an object active on all layers, it does indeed create 20 collections, however, they are all linked, so you need to remove all but 1 collection I think then unlink to make them unique, if I’m understanding 2.80 layers correctly.)

Did a small video, dunno if this helps you at all.

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Hello colkai

My sincere thanks for going to all that trouble and the video was very helpful indeed, unfortunately my problem seems to be compounded by various other happenings such as Blender is not now saving my files ! No problem I can sort that !

What I did manage to do was to delete all those collections but in the process I lost one of the beams, but got it back then I made a new collection and named it as I wanted and then I am not sure what happened but I could not save anything ( I think the link to my data drive is broken).

But I am getting there! however there is another problem that can be seen in the next screenshot.
Part of the forward section of the hull is highlighted in green (which I believe tells me it is part of a group).
I have no idea how that came about and I would like to separate it from the group but how to do it ???

Any suggestions gratefully received. :roll_eyes:

Highlighted in green in 2.79 is definitely a group, however, in 2.80, groups just become another collection, though it can be not seen in the outliner, only in the object properties.
However, what you are seeing there isn’t a group thing, you are in edit mode and all those blue lines are indicating those edges are sharp. In edge mode (2), select one, shift+G, select by sharpness, then CTRL+E to open the edge menu and select clear sharp. A side-effect of them being sharp would be, even if you have smooth shading, it will look as if they are still flat shaded as each polygon has sharp edges.

My thanks again.
That has done the trick and thanks to your help I should now be able to get back to a hull model that I can continue with and make things better instead of worse.
Thanks again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

No worries, glad I could help.

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