Blender 2.8 compress file size?

My file is already over 800 MB and it lags my computer real bad, and I haven’t even gotten up to the texturing rigging and shading process yet… XD I don’t think a PC is meant for large high poly 3D sculpts but that’s beside the point. I turned on compress files and saved my file again, however it is still the same file size… What should I do at this point I won’t be able to work on it anymore cuz it lags so bad…

Is it just one mesh( high poly object) in the blender file?

no theres multiple objects
the head, eye, upper and lower teeth and tongue are seperate from the body

(edit) though some are parented XD not sure if that does anyting to file size

Read somewhere that you should restart the computer and open the Blend file and save again. The file becomes smaller. Not sure if that would work but it’s easy to try.

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Thank you :DD

Did it work?

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ye XD tho im not sure which action I did helped I lowered the poly count by alot but also resaved it so haha idk

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Blender does that. It’s hard to bug report these things anyways to the devs. Glad it worked out.

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