Blender 2.8 crash on smoothing


(Sarah Allen) #1

Hello all!

So I am having some trouble with Blender 2.8 in the modelling section.

I have only been using blender a few months so I’m pretty new to the programme so dumb down responses are appreciated :smile:

Basically I am following a tutorial to make a face ready for rigging after (mouth, eyes, etc) and currently I am making some eye sockets. When I select the edges and try to smooth them out so they are more circular using the ‘smooth’ tool, it pulls out fine and I can see what it will look like but as soon as I let go of the mouse the programme instantly closes. There is no error message or anything, just quits.

So far it is just a blob with a mouth and some eye sockets that are a bit of a weird shape so I don’t think it is down to the size or complexity of the project and I have used the smoothing yesterday on the mouth and it worked fine.

Any help would be awesome!

Thanks :smiley:

(Sarah Allen) #2

Ok I seem to have discovered that it doesn’t crash if I only have one view open rather than multiple (e.g. one front and side).

Very annoying but if it stops it from crashing then I can cope with that for now :wink:

(alf0) #3

i thinks it has to do with your grapics driver and your memory rams,
not sure

(Jerzy Górski) #4

Bender 2.8 is still under development and it’s not stable yet.
You can help the developers by reporting your crash.
The sooner they are aware of bugs the sooner they can fix them and the sooner for 2.8 to be stable

(Sarah Allen) #5

Sent a report about the crash :slight_smile: