Blender 2.8 crashes when opening a 2.79 armature file

I have a couple characters rigged in 2.79 and am starting to work in 2.8. However one of the characters will cause 2.8 to crash on opening - the other is fine. I have separated the mesh from the rig to try and find what part is causing it, and it is definitely the rig.

The rig was created using 2.79’s rigify and I did add in a few extra bone - nothing exotic by any means. Both rigs were made using 2.79 rigifiy and both have added bone.

What is the best way to find out which part of the rig is causing 2.8 to crash and why that file and not the other? I really don’t want to have to re-rig a character.

Do you have the latest daily build of 2.8 installed?

I haven’t today but I have been doing weekly for a while hoping it will work. I’m guessing it is something with the rig itself.

If you can send me the file and I can try to look at it.

Thanks, I might take you up on that. It’ll be a few days before I get the chance to.

Pixelurge, I just messaged you a link to download the file from my onedrive - too large to upload here.

mine isn’t crashing, but bone layers seem to be behaving weird. bones are on a layer, but the layer button displays as being empty.

They may not be on the layer you have selected there. Try highlighting all the bones you want on a layer then hit ‘M’ to move it that layer when the window pops up .

You should probably post what we figured out here. Just in case someone has the same issue. As far as the steps you took to make sure your rig worked.

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I’d definitely tried that previously and it didn’t work, but I just tried on the latest build and it did work! :slight_smile: thanks for making me think to try it again!

No problem.

Ok, so here is what Pixelurge and I found out…Well, more Pixelurge than me.
1 - delete the pre-2.8 generated armature. However before you do this make sure you save any custom created bones and bone shapes.
2 - If you want to use a rigify armature from an earlier version you will need to go into the armature menu and under the rigify buttons and switch to legacy. then save the file.

Her’e an image that Pixelurge showed me.

3 - Then open the file in 2.8 (check to make sure it is using legacy rigify under the rigify buttons in 2.8) then generate the new armature.
4 - link the new armature to your mesh and you should be all set. The legacy rigify will generate a the layer buttons as well.

5 - join any custom bones you had made to the new armature.

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