Blender 2.8 cycles no responsing

recently, i download blender 2.8 beta everyday built version, if i switch render engine from eevee to cycles, then blender no responsing, so i have to close blender 2.8 beta, my computer : win 10, video card: rtx 2070 , Intel 3770k cpu, thanks

Blender 2.80 Beta is in an instable Work in Progress state, maybe is the RTX the reason. Maybe, the GPU isn’t rightly implemented yet.

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If “recently” was longer ago then yesterday, you might try downloading the latest just to tray a different build in case there was possibly some issue with yours. But I haven’t seen similar complaints to this, so it’s perhaps more likely to be a system issue than a Blender issue.

The RTX 2070 should be fine and a that point it shouldn’t be doing any Cycles-specific GPU stuff. Have you tried either 2.79b or the current experimental 2.79 build from the same download location? The latter would have the same version of Cycles as 2.80. Was this the 64-bit version of Blender 2.80?

thanks a lot, but now, everyday built blender 2.8 is ok for my computer.