Blender 2.8 development thread

There is more of the collection icons right here :

I think I really like the blue folders, it differentiate easily the collection from the other type of data

No, I probably cant, am not from UI Team.

I have an account and I am not from the UI team. I could post a comment…

Create an account, is like any other webpage.

I am pretty sure they were looking for someone to do some icons anyway :)…those look really nice…maybe a little busy for my taste…but those are some good ideas…I really like the idea of implementing different colors for vert, edges and faces…it would be much easier ‘at a glance’ to know what you are selecting.

I have an account and I post messages sometimes. But I decide write here because maybe I’m wrong.
I created this ugly concept. Shapes and colors maybe look unpleasantly, but this concept ony for demonstrate principles.

value of buttons:
New Collection
Add selected object to Collection
Remove selected object frome Collection
Remove Collection
Create Group
Remove Group

And Delete\Merge-menu

The collection icons are confusing imho. I understand that colors are temporal, but it don’t help.

Also I think that your original proposal for delete menus is better. Is really clear.

maybe I’m wrong, but I think nobody can’t put in icon enough information for pure and pleasant reading without interpretation what’s pictured in icon. In the end you still need to be learn what each icon mean. My idea - separate icons to the groups through shapes and colors, to they did not merge visually with each other.

my personal opinion
something less stressful… less strain for the eyes & vision - less contrast and less complex design… try staring at those for 10+ years

Simply ask yourself:"How well versed am I in helping others? Am I Experienced & Confident to design for the masses?!?

& IMO best would be if it’s made possible for user to customize icons, buttons & texts - then leave it to the market, users to evolve the visual design

Well… your original icons were perfectly understood.

THe icons only needs few things. to be readable, easy to understand and don’t break the flow of the user.

I find this really confusing: the green V is universally known as a checkmark for confirmation, it doesn’t tell me “new”. Also, in the context of collections I understand + and - as “add” and “remove” collection, consistently with Blender interface where you find + and - to add and remove materials, particles systems, vertex groups etc…

I agree those icons burns eyes, modern times icons are mostly mild monochrome type icons that are really soft for eyes. Icons needs to be easy to understand from icon design. I myself are more visual user than keyboard shortcuts so it would be especially critical for me.

the colors are just a bit too loud/vibrant and they should possibly be a bit simpler.

Does cycles plan to stay like it is on 2.8.Allways rendering not like 2.79 when you have to do Shift+Z to start it?
Why?it’s useless…

What are plans for Boolean modifier? will it be able to correctly keep quads or it is same like now it creates mess and needs lot of repairs.

Yes, that’s the plan AFAIK. There are multiple engines now:

  • Cycles – will always render viewport / output using raytracing
  • Eevee – will always render viewport / output using various PBR, but non-raytracing techniques
  • Clay – One of two standard modeling/sculpting engines (Matcap lives here now)
  • Workbench – Unknown at this point, but it’s also for modeling I think? It is a bit confusing…

Having an easy way to switch between them to mimic the old Shift-Z behavior is TBD right now (?). Generally, 2.8 is not ready for modeling right now at all and it’s difficult to see the final picture since there’s still so many bugs, unfinished designs, and unimplemented features for current designs.

Eevee at least does now have Final Render capability using F12 (so it doesn’t look like that will be going away). Cycles is also planned to have a preview mode that makes use of Eevee (so you won’t have the headache of trying to make large scenes in a viewport that is rendering).

Clay and Workbench, I think, are still planned to be the engines that users will often be in for scene building and for modeling. There’s still a lot of work to be done yet (such as bringing back full support for the modifier stack).

The Monday Meeting

Not a lot of talking points this time (when it comes to 2.8), but it does mention Campbell integrating Object Mode into the new workbench system, Sergey’s continued work on the new depsgraph, and Tamito working to get Freestyle functional again. 2.79a meanwhile is still receiving fixes and a final release may be out next week.

Booleans works like it must to work… make ugly meshes because is the idea.

A question for people that make builds. COuld you make a release of actual master? I can not do any build since weeks ago.