Blender 2.8 development thread

Well, honestly, if I had to choose something to change from blender or add to blender, it would be one of the last things I would ask myself when there are thousands of utilities that we could have and that affect our real workflow. Because if I have to try to make strength with a dozen users to get a feature I hope it is at least a menu to select brushes, improvements in the workflow, but do not save me two clicks once a week that I have to have several instances of blender open.

If I have to choose, I choose something that will save me hours of work at the end of the month, no seconds. and like devs time is not infinity and they only can add few features each year…

But do you not see the issue here? I RARELY use brushes, so should I follow you around on this site and recommend they don’t work on that?!

Just because it saves you 2 clicks once a week, doesn’t mean the same for others. Others have many clicks ALL day.

Another example is popping out a window you render into placed onto a calibrated monitor to be able to see consistent color.

I hover my mouse over the window on the other monitor, hit F12 and bam! It renders in another window on my other monitor because I didn’t click first on the calibrated monitor. Then you can’t just instantly cancel that render, since it needs to reach a point where I can cancel. Then I can finally click on the window on the calibrated monitor and hit F12. Test pieces of renders all day and you will see how annoying it is.

However, I don’t really use brushes, therefore, it would be a waste of developers time to work on that. :wink:


You only think about your own workflow and reject other, how can blender we used bye more people with people like you?

I give up, this is complete non-sense !


Thanks for taking the time to show other reasons it is useful.

Yes, and that happens with BGE. Few people used BGE, and it’s gone.

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One guy made a great external app that activates blender window from another screen without need of clicking to activate it I can surf along the both screen with ease and shoot my hotkeys all day long without any issues…But I agree this exact behavior drive me almost mentally ill when I had to unwrap on the second screen and it needed that freaking click to be active

Here take this and spread the word I hope this will be default behavior of blender soon

Is the Windows’ window manager so horrible?

This is running 6 instances of blender with some having floating windows.

Interesting… The worst enemy of Blender seems to be their own community… lol…


Awesome, thanks.

Sorry, I was being sarcastic. Even though I don’t use brushes, I DO still think it should be worked on. I value other peoples workflows and want Blender to become even better, even in areas I don’t work with right now.


This is not news. :roll_eyes:


My only worry about this is the possibility of viruses. Is it safe you think?

I agree it’s good to have a dedicated home for requests…it should also be a sort of ‘shit filter’ for the communication channels that the BF uses.

OTOH: not sorting by popularity is plain bad. That really is something that would help both the requester and the BF.

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I was worried of that too, I checked that file in
and it didn’t find anything and I have used it now very long time and had no problems with it so I think its clean and false positive…but I’m not a hacker can’t say for sure.

I just noticed it’s windows only. I have to use Mac here at work unfortunately… Thanks for the link, maybe I’ll try it at home.

Yeah, yeah, we all have nice ideas of a perfect world. But the BGE was eliminated because the foundation did not have the resources to maintain it and made it difficult to develop blender. You have to differentiate between wanting something and being able to do something. And I understand perfectly well a request for a feature to solve something that blender does not solve. But when you have different solutions and don’t want to use them because it’s not your way of doing things… Well, I think there are more important things.

My way of looking at things is clear, firstly to support adding things that blender is not able to do, or that clearly improve the workflow. And then the rest. Unless you implement this for two minutes, but if the developers haven’t done it I understand how simple it won’t be, because the developers will know the request well.

But I don’t use brushes! :grinning:

not really… everywhere is the same - mostly inexperience, ignorance & arrogance… thus stupidity


DcVertice, you don’t know what you’re talking about!
I happen to work in the VFX-industry and let me tell you there are many many times where i have 20+ windows open - also multiple Blender instances for a matter of fact. I would love to use Blender in a dual screen setup but the disappearing windows make this impossible. I don’t care about floating panels that cover my view but i would love a working dual screen setup!

Is that just a Windows problem btw, or is it the same for Mac and Linux?


Happens on my Mac as well here at work.