Blender 2.8 development thread

Don’t be sorry, you can think and like whatever you want.

But I think, the UI teams proposal is way better than what we have. And is pretty much inline with consensus out there how to layout a property panel.

I don’t think throwing in labels into a value input field, to get more screen space real-estate in extreme case scenarios is valid. it just doesn’t help read-ability. I hope the input fields can be kept as clean as possible.

I don’t really like truncated labels or abbreviations. But for extreme case with narrow property panels maybe authors should/could deliver truncated labels. It would be more or less just an variable the UI layout engine can use if panel hits breakpoint.

Resolution = Res
Frame Range Start = Frame Start

it’s a matter of preference, everyone’s taste, I think their proposal is not good for now, they will obviously change it, will see.

Indeed, personal preference will alway polarise people. For me, I am not seeing anything that causes me to have a hissy fit. Indeed, I prefer the concept of the single column. Funny because people want to be able hide/show panels with the press of a button, which you can do with the single column, but then complain about scrolling through them all. but if CTRL+H deals only with the panel you want, I’d argue there’ll be less scrolling.
Even so, long way to go yet and I’m sure the devs are taking notes of peoples reactions.

It does not seem to be pertinent too. Why putting words like Resolution, Aspect , Frame Range, Time Remapping in numerical field ?
Why suddenly Frame Range Start and not Frame Range End
Repeating the word does not make sense because values are already grouped.
Why suddenly Frame Range Start and not Frame Range End.

In 2.79, Main label is outside of numerical field and low label part is inside.
Resolution X/Y/% Aspect X/Y Frame Range Start/End/Step
Alignement is not perfect in 2.79 because of 2 columns design of panel.
But principle of label for group and a name for value still makes sense.

Proposal on the left is bad, too.
Labels of group and names of values should be distinguish in order to avoid repetition of label.
It could be 2.79 solution. Name in numerical field.
But it could be Label and name outside of numerical field but with different colors.


Material was already a separate option. That mode is unclear as it uses the base diffuse colour which is not shown in the panel when using nodes!

Guys, if you have time check this out. I think it is the first fully functional App Template, and it comes with a lot of nice UI concepts that could inspire 2.8:

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Yes but now you have a “viewport color” option in the material panel when you use nodes, where you can choose a color independantly from the material diffuse color.

Good thing this has been posted here! I really like this UI, it has a lot of great ideas I think it’d be good to take inspiration from.

I saw Josh post an update regarding NLA editor. About not grouping keyframed values depending on if they where clicked by button or not. But I think my suggestion makes also these matrices of icons easier to read if we just have icons at the top as “labels” and then use the small checkboxes seen in places such as enabling/disabling add-ons as the matrix grid.


Also I kinda get the idea behind user the speaker to represent a “channel” or something. At least that’s how I’ve seen it. But I rather use one of the many F-Curve icons instead. I only wished there was a Curve+Wrench icon to represent Curve Modifier.

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the struct or whatever handles this can be set to just hide those data blocks entirely…and que them for deletion on close.

then the user simply has no access to them and it auto cleans when the file is closed…it somewhat does this now…but by not hiding the data people(myself) sometimes accidentaly re-use those material.001…simply by using hotkeys to assign them…

I do find that easier to read.

The only issue is when that list so long it runs out of view…the icons would be hidden…but if you cannot remember the ordering of three things without seeing the icons…you may as well give up on using blender :wink:

I don’t like that they removed the random colors in workbench because you have to do for every material and when you have many objects that share the same material, you can’t quickly recognize the different meshes.

i hope it was just removed for a better solution. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry. I’m wrong. It still present Random color option

It could be an issue with long lists, also height in NLA editor window. But, yeah.

Anyways using the small checkboxes open up a opportunity for larger matrices. I just find using the icon itself and it’s state /modifier just dims down, not super clear if disabled/ isn’t as clear as the checkboxes. Easier to see what’s enabled/disabled.

There could be matrices that are 5-6-7 wide. The icon hell. Anyways hope Joshua consider my suggestion.

But they didn’t remove random colors from workbench engine did they ?

Sorry. I’m wrong. Random colors are still present.

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Is there a profiler addon in Blender ? Or is it planned to integrate one in Blender ? Could be useful, I was looking at this task where they have performance issues with some production files and it made me think about that.

Perhaps they are planning on removing object colour altogether. Random colour is still there.

I don’t really know :confused: we will to be patient to see what happens.

Looks Good!
overlay txt over Bars saves a lot of space, also left alligned txt is much better readable.


This is why we have user preferences.

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