Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia 50 hours of video training 12.99 canadian thru CGMasters Get it thru the CGMasters link as it is only 12.99 canadian. In my opinion it is the most complete blender course available yet and there will be additonal sections added later. As well check out Chris’s Corvette tutorial on CGMasters.Thanks Chris and Lee.

I have been going thru the blender encyclopedia lessons and they are very good. Most useful to me has been the section on uvmapping. Before I looked at those lessons I was really playing a guessing game. There is even some talk about perhaps expanding the uv section and other sections as well. This is the best 12.99 I have ever spent in 3d. Thank you Chris and Lee.

I totally agree with you bkjernisted, for me drivers were a real mystery as well as having trouble with animation.
Everything is in this encyclopedia !
This has saved me weeks of trawling on youtube videos looking for an answer to a problem.
Kind regards from NEWB :australia: :nerd_face:

newb , Chris just redid the section on drivers. The old driver section is on the bottom of the page. He posted about it yesterday. New sections on curves, surfaces and materials or textures are in the making. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for that; I ran out of internet so sorry for the late reply.
:australia: :nerd_face: