Blender 2.8 enterprise (RHEL/CentOS) builds available!

The official Blender daily builds now support RHEL/CentOS!
There is no need for a custom build anymore.

I have set up a dedicated build environment targeting enterprise Linux distributions such as RHEL/CentOS, which use older glibc versions (as old as 2.17).

I’ll be posting regular updates to the build here: (no longer available)

Enjoy blending in a studio environment!


Thanks! it works perfectly in CentOS 7! thanks a LOT!

Did you get gpu render with cycles?

Sadly, no, just CPU, no CUDA devices

Hi, do you get error about missing kernels?
It should be possible to copy them from another build, they are the same on all platforms.

Cheers, mib

Well, got gpu working after install cuda toolkit.

Sadly, I can’t do that at work. Is weird that I have a version of the first blender 2.80 beta and it doesn’t need the toolkit to work with CUDA devices on the same machine and os.

Thanks for pointing this out, guys! I was testing on an AMD machine, so I forgot about CUDA…

I’ll see what I can do regarding the CUDA stuff next weekend.

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Thank you! could you also take a look at animation nodes, as i believe it cant run on centos 7 due to the glibc version incompatibility.?! When i try to enable the addon i got some errors.

ImportError :/lib64/ not found.

The build has been updated, and now CUDA should work! I have not tested though, as I’m out of a Centos machine at the moment, so let me know if you have any issues. You can download the new build at as usual.

As for Animation Nodes, interesting that you would ask, as I made a build just this past week. Trouble is that it is already incompatible with the latest Blender build. I’ll not be able to make a new AN build until next week, when I have a Centos machine available. So for now I’ve bundled the specific Blender+AN builds that work together, which you can get here:

Hi ,
Is this working on centos 6X versions ???

Hi Sergey start to setup buildbot for CentOS, down to GLibc-2.11 wich is very old.

Cheers, mib

The official Blender daily builds now support RHEL/CentOS!
My builds are no longer available, as you can now simply use the official builds.

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