Blender 2.8 Fast Carve Addon : Arrays

I am currently implementing an array feature to my Blender 2.8 Fast Carve Addon and I really would like to know your ideas and opinions before I add this to the addon, so please let’s discuss.


I really enjoy fast carve. I would like to see an circular array option for it.

adding array (including circular) would be a great feature.

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Arrays would be a very useful extension.

Thank you for your efforts. I use your addon and find it awesome. Very often i have to create an array of objects as a cutter. It would be usefull to be able to do it within carve in a simplest way, especially the circular array.


A Circular array is a must have but you may also want to consider a mirror array to cut both sides of an object at the same time saving time and having the spacing equal on both sides to save extra dimensioning looking forward to seeing finished product