Blender 2.8 Game Engine Mode

I heard Blender version 2.79 is no longer supporting its Game Engine Mode which allowed game developers to create their own game projects.I heard on this very forum that now this mode was removed so game developers moved to another open source game engines.How much features were removed?So will Blender 3d modelling software developers and creators will bring back this option in next updated version of Blender next time?

I think you are referring to the 2.80 version. I honestly don’t see a valuable future for any game engine…there is again the commitment from the original creator, but out there are soooo many engines free to use with royalties and not (armory, godot, UE4, Unity, Cryengine), that I don’t see the gain to redevelop the game engine inside Blender (with the risk of being dropped again).
that’s, of course, my opinion…which is based on my development experience.

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yeah, making an engine isnt somthing easy, i mean makig a realtime engine is hard, not to mention adding the feature to a game engine,
so yeah, if devoloprs wants to creat games thin ther are lots of other engines,
i know its hard to take it, that people used to do anything in one softwear i get it, but blender users wants to have a powerful engine, thin go for UPbge or armory

of cours this is my opinion

There are game engines like DirectX SDK,Cry Engine (Blender Game Engine is totally removed so it doesn’t count),Godot Engine,Unity, Unreal Engine 4.

At the least, the upcoming Interactive Mode will provide a comprehensive hub for work with external engines (that their developers can plug into). There’s no reason for the BF to pursue a full game engine at this point with Godot becoming the premier tool in the FOSS ecosystem (not to mention Armory being another option).

More than a game engine, an interactive engine for any kind of interactive creation! :smiley: Anyway, we’ll see how Benoit Bolsee will lead the project, even if I think it’s a bit early to see how it will look like. BTW, I think there are chances that GSOC students/volounteers/devs will be interested to bring their contribution to the project (because interactive topics are just fun to code). But first, viewport, then we’ll see what happens in the next years!

What FOSS and BF means?

FOSS: Free and Open Source Software
BF: Blender Foundation

i kinda wounder , sens armory 4 is out now, and armory 3 before it, why ther isnt any project that actually are been made by armory?
and if armory is an almost a bramch of blender, "you can even see this on the site thy made , it just look like this "
are thy going to work on games projects insted of movies like the BF ?
i cant seem to find anything about this

Hi, quick question.
What is the status of Eevee Game Engine?
I was not able to find anything to start a “game” in 2.80 like BGE 2.79.
It looks to me that here is nothing finished at the moment - is this correct?

I search something that is blender integrated or compatible (without exporting scene files), stable (12h use) and scriptable.
I found alternative game engine here: armory3d (beta)
Is this best recommendation today for 2.80?

The best thing about the game engine is allowed you to record the posision of an object into an animation, allowing you to do minour game logic and record it into animation in Blend files…

The worst thing about it was… exe’s created with it were not very relieble.

My best use of the game engine was this traffic jam:

I think more useful than a game engine as such would be something like Blend4Web - only making use of Eevee - with the ability to export 3D in html5 with simple logic and small file sizes WOULD be useful in Blender, but for actual game creation.

The thing is… Godot exists. If there’s an OPEN SOURCE game engine that is better than Blender, then blender doesn’t have to be a game engine as well. For this, I would like to see the Blender Foundation teaming up with the Godot guys on whatever the game equivilent of a 15 min high-end short film is.

BGE was removed because it was outdated?

I forgot to say.

I need only windows-export (so Blend4Web is not a option?).
And this is not for a game - it is a realtime visualisation for exhibition show. So it should be very stable to run 12h.

At the moment i play with Godot. But here is much more to learn than in old BGE. And too many options etc.

Blend4web does not use Eevee - yet. So it’s not an option either… but asking the guys at the gallery to open up an HTML file and press F11 (fullscreen) shouldn’t be a problem anyway. Ican’t give you that much advice as I’ve not delved far into any of the game engine of the moment.

A few more details about what you require for the engine may help the rest of us give you advice.