Blender 2.8 GE

I have heard that we are getting a GE update with new features and the Eevee rendering engine.

I want to know a couple things,

will real time shadows be available outside of the pixelated or small area only texture buffered spot lamp shadows?

will there be an inclusion of real-time mirror reflections outside of using the videotexture module?

will the game text objects have adjustable word-wrap, text linking[inline clickable text buttons], and text cursor placement[for editing after typing]?

realistically, these 3 things would justify me to abandon 2.49b for game dev.

if they are not completed I would like to know where they are on the list of “to do” how far down, how many releases away?

last i checked, there isnt going to be a game engine in 2.8. atleast not for a while.

youle has a git repo for it, it was on the mailing list.

panzergame continues work on upbge for now.
just finished up realtime mesh editing I think (adding and removing faces etc :D)

youle added real time light probes to bgeevee the other day edit: (planar maps and core dev’s already working eevee cubemap probes)

but it will be a long time till bgeevee has feature parity with upbgeb + pbr


so far i’ve seen the opposite of there not being a GE in blender.

they are not getting rid of GE and they don’t plan on making it an IE (interactive Engine) either! this could have changed but there’s very little note of it. from what i saw about IE, it felt more like an opinion rather than something more concrete…it did appear to have a finality to it however. there are posts here on the forum stating that this will not happen. imho, i hope that if they cannot do anything with the GE that they just carry it with future releases than scrapping it from blender.

this has been discussed time and time again. its simply not that easy to just slap the current bge in there. we have access to old versions for this reason.

im all for the “if you arent going to do it right, dont do it at all” mentality.

yeah well youle restarted the bge w/only the bare essentials and added eevee code(other peopes work*) back to it and plans on recoding everything and ton knows about it.

on top of this upbge will continue on using 2.7x render bit has already beefed it significantly and there is still wiggle room and even potentially a upbge pbr shader that does not use eevee so it runs on older hardware*.

one low hanging fruit is forward+ light cuts using a bvhtree
(it’s much more performant at rendereing lamps)

youle implements eevee features others code in bge experimentally at the moment*

There is some fantastic progress! Well done!