Blender 2.8 Grease Pencil Face Rig

Hello, here is my first attempt at a 2D face rig using the new grease pencil tools in Blender 2.8 and 3D rigging techniques. For my second attempt, I’ll be adding a nose and a mouth. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

You can download this model here if you want to try it for yourself:


This is great! I would love to try something similar one of these days!

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nice work !!!

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I think the edge issue your having can be resolved in the greasepencil viewport setting under edge detail…

Great post!

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very interesting, I’m looking forward to the next parts !
Thanks for sharing !

BTW , I was wondering how much we can emulate 2D workflow like flash’s rig where you can switch head from front to side , or having different hands shapes. Do you plan to test this also ?

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Thanks! Once I moved past the technical issues with weight painting it was fun to rig and play with.

I’ll give the a try! I also think I’ll keep it all as one grease pencil object in the future.

Yeah eventually I want to try this out. Maybe with a bunch of drivers on visibility switches.
The other thing I was thinking about was if I could map a 2D grease pencil face rig onto a 3D object, and then just turn the 3D object.

Keep us posted,Level… I have noticed ,and so have others, draw order issues when using greasepencil in a fully 3d enviroment might be a bug or it might be a limitation that will be resolved in the not to distant future…

check out his last post

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Yeah, I’ll check it out, thank you for sharing! This sounds like a draw issue within 3D space. With rigging the grease pencil objects I’m hoping that most of the animation can come from a 3D rig, and then use the grease pencil animation settings for small adjustments.

I’ve set up similar rigs using a curve projector in the past. The big benefit to grease pencil is that the animator can see what they are doing live. Compared to a curve projector - which requires proxies in place for the animator.

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Hey everybody, I’ve added a short tutorial where I review how I built this rig. This part 1 of 3. I’ll try to post the other 2 parts when I get some free time.

Hello Everybody, part 2 is live as well if you want to check it out.

Part 3 is up as well!