Blender 2.8 - How to "render" a fire simulation?

Hi everyone,
for testing/learning purposes, I’m trying to create a fire simulation in Blender 2.8, I’m able to view the result if I play the animation in “solid mode”, but if I switch in “rendered mode” and play the animation I don’t see anything (except the mesh that should be emitting the fire).

Here is what I’m doing:

  • I create a plane, enable the Smoke Simulation, set the type to “Flow” and the flowtype to “Fire” (plus a couple of modifications for the velocity and such…)
  • I create a big cube for the domain, enable the Smoke Simulation and set the type to “Domain”

Maybe I’m missing something to be able to view the result in rendered mode?

Thank you in advance,

You can use Quick Effect preset in recent builds.
Quick Effect Smoke is creating a basic material using Principled Volume Shader.

You did not mention it but a fire or a smoke domain need a material using volumetrics to be rendered as is.
So, for an EEVEE render, you also have to enable Volumetric panel under Render Tab.

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Doesn’t work for me in Eevee.
I can see it in the 3D-View, but the Render (F12) is blank.
Build from Today
Volumetric enabled

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Did you save the .blend and bake smoke simulation before F12 ?

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Eevee has glitches on DD (daily dev build).
Did you placed a source light? potent enough? (5000 energy?)
Tone it down from there. You should get your smoke sim lit.
Yes, something fishy is going on with eevee these days and it ain’t drivers.
Intel entered Cycles code this past week, and eevee started to fail since then.
I hope this gets covered quickly.

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Hi zeauro,

thanks for the tip.
I think I did not save the scene.
Now it works (sometimes).

You are right, David.
It crashes a lot, Adaptive Domain doesn’t work and the Viewport shows a lot of funny stuff.

Thank you, I was missing the material… using a Quick Smoke as suggested works out of the box.
If I wanted to add fire, would the material setup be the same as we would do in Cycles?

Instead of a nodetree of several nodes in 2.79, smoke or fire material from quick effect preset was simplified to one Principled Volume shader.
EEVEE and Cycles are supporting this shader.

2.8 and EEVEE are in alpha state. I cannot guarantee that if you take away your material from a unique shader node to a more complex nodetree that will continue to be true.
EEVEE does not support every subtlety of nodes created for Cycles.
But Principled Volume shader has been designed to handle most of cases.


I can confirm that the Principled shader works out of the box in a “standard” scenario.
Thank you very much!

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Maybe a screen capture on your scene? :slight_smile: -To check how you´re doing? Thanks.

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thx mate…thats very helpfull… it’s work for me