Blender 2.8 inconsistent functions

Today i tested 2.8, and first i was confused by the changed keys, but i read it is for sloving keys inconsistent issues. I am ok with that, it is a good thing.

But why are functions like loopcut have a different behavior. If i use CTRL-r in edit mode i can change the number of cuts via mouse wheel, but if i use the loopcut button, the function work different, the mouse wheel is change zoom and not the number of cuts.

Is this the dessired behavior or iam get something wrong?

It is strange, I agree, The stuff from the menu is meant to be persistent for some reason, where the shortcuts are meant to terminate after confirming what you want to do. I find using menu options confusing at best and stick with shortcuts and the right click menu as much as possible, only going to the menu for specific tasks. I short, that is the intended behavior.