Blender 2.8 is not displaying manipulators & others

I’m running Blender 2.8, and it is not displaying manipulators, lamps, cameras, and empty objects. I can’t figure out. Is there a setting that unhide these?

I think it will be displayed on transform mode only

It is still not displaying everything. Please help!

You may have accidentally hidden all your objects (to hide objects, anything that is selected will disappear if you press H). To unhide all hidden objects, hover your mouse over the 3D viewport and press Alt + H. As for your manipulators, you can toggle them on and off (as long as you have an associated tool selected) with Ctrl + `.

Show a picture?

My guess is that the new “collection” stuff warped your brain. check out collections, those might be hiding there.

I try unhide everything and toggle on for the manipulators. It still not displaying everything. However, I append everything to the new file, and everything is displaying. Is this a bug for 2.8?

It was not showing Gizmo, as well.

Is that screenshot from when you appended from to a new file? Can you screenshot your Overlays settings?

This image is before I appended all the objects.