Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection

i said “is how to filter all that huge amount of feedback to small and managable size that makes it usable for end-users” devs follow a plan design from the beginning of the project and can’t side track for every little detail here and there…there are too many great ideas, yes, but a very small team who can make it feasible not to mention the technicalities and test that goes behind it…if there was more members or volunteers that means most suggestions will get approved ,even in 2.8 u can see many suggestions came from user base and there are threads dedicated for each topic like this one…so yes it’s an advantage if it’s well managed.

Yes, William has been very receptive to feedback and has been actively making changes based on it. I’m pretty excited for that fact, as we are getting some things that were meant to be in 2.5 era.


No, we INFLUENCED his line of thinking with proper arguments and he listened.
He might not listen to YOU because your tone is too intense even if you have something of value to say (hint,hint :v: )

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Regarding “Make shit up”, you are correct. You had made me go and look it up in he urban dictionary…lol. And there are not a lot of ways to take it other than how you did. So its cool. It was a bad choice of words when I intended it far more loosely. Dream stuff up or imagine things a certain way would have been better. I have seen people flat out lie… but that is not related to the point I was trying to make. Would apply more to trolls.

And regarding the other points. Yeah, I can agree. There are a variety of users. And I have seen it too. And depending on the software and use, I have done it too.

So I guess it comes down to what the overall “good” is to come. And I have always been in favor of things that made it possible for more people to access Blender.

Even if, and it usually is, in complete contrast to what I would like to see improvements on.


In my view, here’s what would and wouldn’t help in terms of feedback. A simple example.

Wouldn’t help -> Feature X or Change Y sucks, I hate it.
Would help -> Sorry, but I disagree with adding Feature X or doing Change Y, and the reason for that is…

For a user to say he hates something or some change sucks and takes things backwards (with no reason or argument as to why), or for him to respond to a commit with dev. bashing will only encourage devs. to see this forum as noise, and consequently lead to users being ignored.


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Joking aside, this is exactly what I have in my custom setup for 2.7x.

MMB is paint select utilizing the great feature from Kjartan’s Scripts. It’s way more functional then CircleSelect!
Unfortunately, the script works only on 2.7x (something I will have to port eventually as this is super useful)

2x LMB click: Select Linked
Shift + 2x LMB Click:Select Linked Extend

I have almost all selections bound on my 3 mouse buttons. I don’t think have a single modifier key combo available, everything is used.
I NEVER go to menus for selections, and hardly ever for PieMenus either, all my selections are on the mouse. Main being that ClickSelect; BoxDragSelect; and clic-on-empty-ToDeSelect all reside on the LMB (and as mentioned 2x LMB click for SelectLinked) (then obviously a combo of modifier keys with that LMB to do deselect and add to selection).
RMB-Lasso; MMB-Paint
And then with combo keys in Edit Mode, all the variations of loopSelect and ring

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For those interested, we have a thread on devtalk for constructive, on-topic discussion of the LMB keymap. I can’t keep up with this one if it goes off-topic so much.

To bring back quick transform tweak behavior and avoid any delays when clicking for LMB users, we are currently thinking to add a new Select tool. This would basically work like 2.7, doing immediate selection on click and transform tweak on drag. Users can then choose if they want to use Box Select or this new tool by default.

For RMB select it’s redundant so might be merged with the Cursor tool in that case, we’ll see.

This does not affect the node editor currently. If/when the node editor has a toolbar like the 3D viewport and an Annotation tool is active there, I still don’t think it would be a problem? You don’t need to be able to do all node wrangler operations while the Annotation tool is active.


I’ve proposed solution to this issue several (hundreds) of posts above. I am confident it would work well. Lemme paste it here again:

Here is how it works:

  • LMB drag is always select, so I don’t need to switch between move or select tool
  • Tweak tool is RMB drag, so I can quickly transform the selections by just holding down RMB and moving
  • The manipulator handles are still interacted with using LMB

Now, I am sure someone would raise a point that RMB in LMB based keymap in 2.8 opens context menu, but these two are not mutually exclusive. You can easily differentiate RMB click from RMB drag:

  1. On button down, save mouse XY position into a variable
  2. If button is pressed down, if user starts moving the mouse, start perform tweaking
  3. If button is released, check the saved mouse XY variable
  4. If mouse XY variable equals to mouse XY saved on mouse down, then it means user did not move his mouse, so it was a click -> open context menu
  5. If mouse XY variable does not equal to mouse XY saved on mouse down, that means user was performing tweak action -> stop tweak action.

I believe 2.8 already has this functionality.

SO, the solution would be simple and elegant:
In 2.8, LMB based keymap, when transform tool is active, then instead of having this “click anywhere” mode, which makes LMB perform central gizmo action when clicking and dragging anywhere on the screen, LMB dragging anywhere on the screen would perform selection, but RMB dragging would perform tweak (central action of the gizmo of active transform tool), while RMB clicking without dragging would open a context menu.

In other words, if you had move tool active, and you clicked and dragged your right mouse button, it would perform the screen space move, the same one that happens if you click on white central ring. Same would apply for move and rotate. The actual handles of the gizmos, the arrows of move tool, handles of scale tool or rings of rotate tool would still be clicked on with left mouse button, as always.

TL;DR version is that since we can now distinguish between click and release vs click-drag and release, RMB click drag could be tweak move while RMB click only would remain context menu.

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@rawalanche, tweak tool as RMB drag is not good enough for many users. It requires separate select and drag clicks, which is slower, and for tablet users RMB drag is not as easy as LMB drag.

We can still make Box Select more powerful as well, but it will never be enough to solve problems that many users have reported with it.

Oh, I actually meant that RMB would perform both selection and transform. I use it in my custom keymap and it works.

But you are right that I have not thought it through. It would also mean that selection needs to happen prior to the decision to tweak, which would also mean opening context menu would probably result in unwanted selects. And it would also not work with pens since you’d have to keep your pen tip floating. So you are right :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually nevermind again :smiley: I do not select with RMB, I just perform tweak with it. And you are right again. That requires two actions instead of one. I just took a closer look, and I have RMB for tweak only, and alt+RMB for tweak with selection…

Hopefully that means including the transform gizmo. :+1:

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I cannot. You have stated you don’t use a tablet and that you are already used to the odd input configuration. The benefits of left-click over right-click are, in my experience, related to tablet use and ease of learning the interface.

How many of them use a tablet where it doesn’t matter which hand you use, it’s still a LMB select? For example, my son is left-handed and uses a tablet. LMB is what is used.

It is. The moderators do not choose the default Blender settings, that’s the Blender Foundation. The moderators here merely control the discussion on the matter.

It’s not laziness. It’s lack of motivation. If you already have access to other application, which you know and have been trained with, you aren’t invested in “making Blender work”… you’re generally just “giving Blender a go”.

Kind of like shopping for a car. Sure, when the ignition doesn’t turn over, I might just check to see if the battery is flat or if the spark plugs need changing. If I don’t have a car and the price on this new one is right - that’s something I might consider. If I already have a car that works, and this new one that won’t start is merely “ok” in comparison - I’m going to move onto the next car that starts first try.

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If they aren’t motivated enough to get over this small hurdle, then they didn’t need Blender to begin with. This is fine, let them use Max or Maya or Modo or Cinema or just not do 3d. No skin off our backs. Getting everyone to use Blender instead of other apps is a stupid goal to have. Blender is its own thing. It does modelling really well, it’s competent at rendering with Cycles, it’s passable for sculpting and rigging, it sucks for mograph or procedural animation. There’s other apps that are better than Blender at some things. Some people would benefit from learning Blender, some wouldn’t.

Not saying this is a good reason not to fix the LMB thing.


Right, because everyone using Blender is doing so because they NEED to use Blender. :roll_eyes:

Again, back to the car analogy, I am motivated to buy a car. I go to the car dealership and there are a variety on offer. If the cheapest car on the block (Blender) doesn’t start, and I have the funds to look at other cars, should I spend extra time & effort getting it to work? I still need a car and there are other cars available.

Blender isn’t there just for those that “need Blender”. It is a tool for those that need a 3DCC application.

Yes, you generally use any piece of software (other than entertainment software) because you need to. I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Blender starts just fine. You may need to practice your manual transmission. If you’re determined you want an automatic then nobody’s stopping you. Also, car analogies are… highly amusing. :wink:

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I don’t use Blender because I need to use Blender. I use Blender because I need a modelling, sculpting, and rigging tool. There are other modelling, rigging, and sculpting tools that can do the job.

Kind of like I don’t drive a Mazda MPV because I need to use a Mazda MPV. I drive a Mazda MPV because I need to use a car that can drive me places. There are other cars that can do the job.

My point is, outside those that use Blender for ideological reasons, the vast majority of those using Blender don’t need “Blender” per se. They need a tool that can give them what Blender provides.

So let them use the tools they like? Yes, they use software because they want something done. It doesn’t have to be Blender. What’s it to you if other people drive Mazdas/use Blender or not?