Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


(English is not my native language) #690

I just hope that the new API allows developers to make their add-ons work for both methods automatically and without incompatibilities.

(Craig Jones) #691

Good - for the better, it will alleviate that topic from the giant threads for awhile. (still rmb user here)

(0rAngE) #692


There’s one more thing to do :point_up: :slight_smile:

Right-Click Select — Blender.Community
I refused to visit this site from day one, I found the name insulting - considering what the community is supposed to be about! Such a shame.

How silly this name looks today! LOL
And it’s gonna look even more silly with every passing day.

Maybe I can soon join the community, as I wouldn’t be feeling like RMB is beeing rubbed in my nose every time I access the page. Maybe I can now go there and just laugh at the name, considering the final resolve of this matter.

(Antaioz) #693

I think for a site dedicated to innovative ideas and suggestions for blender the name is perfect. After all one of the most known innovative features in blender is right click select.

I highly doubt they’re going to change the name just because you don’t like right click select. It’s a name.

(Ace Dragon) #694

I thought Fweeb meant it as an attempt at humor (since left-click vs. right-click selection has been the subject of more debates than anything else related to Blender features save for the UI).

That said, it’s surprising that some actually find it offensive. There’s no profane language or any sort of slur or petty insult embedded. It’s like the small minority on CGsociety who get morbidly offended whenever Blender itself is mentioned.

(0rAngE) #695

Up to a couple of weeks/months ago, one could argue that you were right.
Today, quite the contrary could be argued.

(We The LMB Crew ™)
I think for a site dedicated to innovative ideas and suggestions for blender the name is horrible. After all one of the most known erroneous features in blender is right click select.

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You are an old user of the forum and perhaps you have had long discussions that I do not know about this RMB/LMB selection issue, and perhaps you developed some kind of fanaticism against the fanaticism from the other side that made you lose objectivity.

Maybe you did not understand the “joke” in choosing that name. The choice of that name is more on your side than anything else.

(cadaei) #697

I just moved my mouse to the left side so that my index finger is now the right click select.
But then I was thinking of configuring the mouse to be left handed, which would then make my right click select actually a left click select.

(0rAngE) #698

Correct on every point LOL


(Antaioz) #699

The inclusion of left-click-select as default doesn’t suddenly render all of the arguments that make right-click-select a better workflow invalid. You cannot argue to the contrary now any more than before, and no-one has successfully argued to the contrary.

(Jason van Gumster) #700

It’s unfortunate that you’re offended by the humor in the name choice, but that’s entirely on you. For as long as I’m involved with that section of, I’ll continue to keep the name as it is.

(Craig Jones) #701

Beautiful art. That is all I care about - when making tutorials to paint and sculpt, I say ‘select’ and I don’t use the key stroke display anymore to give away how I am selecting. I dare say I have seen some really awesome art here made by people that prefer LMB select, and equally so by people that love RMB select.

Now that the default is changed, may we have some nose to the grindstone artists flailing about making cool new stuffs please? I don’t mind if you prefer to map your selection to some 14th mouse button modified with some kind of VR doohickey - just blend on.

(jakeblended) #702

Wait…left-click select has just been committed as default???

This is outrageous. How am I supposed to lord my right-click proficiency over the unwashed masses who always switched to left-click select because they were unable to push through adversity and adapt to this more powerful, bespoke UX? Having been one myself for so long, I finally decided to switch back to default right-click when the 2.8 alphas started coming out. It took a couple of days to get used to it, but I persevered and overcame. I was so proud! Was my effort all for naught - lost forever like tears in the rain?

Am I now doomed to become the curmudgeonly hipster, petulantly switching new builds to non-default right-click select and grumbling that I was a Blender user before Blender became popular and “accessible”, RUINED FOREVER when the devs sold out to the left-click horde, while those using Blender’s default settings point and laugh at my out-of-style clothes and failing hygiene? Will I shrug and be indifferent, observing the greater value for myself of having selecting and operating use two different buttons, while recognizing that a more traditional mouse-driven interaction is more advantageous to others? Might I even capitulate and switch back to left-click myself at some point? The road ahead is so dark and uncertain. I am afraid.

(mbbmbbmm) #703

I like quirkiness. Even more so when the quirkiness is actually useful and helpful like in the case of right click select. I also like options, I really hope both workflows will turn out fine and become equally usable. Defaults are a powerful force though. So I’m sad to see some of Blender’s personality change and I fear that the support for RCS will go away over time.

(Ace Dragon) #704

In the world of software, a program needs to have more than just personality to really attract a large userbase and make major gains in marketshare. The only way a program can truly stand out with a nonstandard workflow is if it offered a superior approach to doing something (such as Zbrush with sculpting), otherwise, the quest for a huge influx of revenue and users remains elusive.

Take a look at the Blender development fund for instance, the 2.8 project is definitely going in the right direction when you look at its rapid rise, and that is after its rather positive reception at SIGGRAPH. Furthermore, 2.8 may actually allow a lot of artists to continue doing CG (because before, there were users on other sites who said they would rather quit CG amid rising costs than use Blender, as if it was a jail sentence).

(mbbmbbmm) #705

Yes I can see that more users potentially helps funding. I guess I’d prefer it if Blender had more areas where it had that kind of superior approach like ZBrush. But I’m aware that this is a hard thing to do and solid funding helps making things better.

(SterlingRoth) #706

pssh, I used blender before they implemented undo.

I really think having an undo feature is just a crutch and just slows down the artists that actually take care to never make mistakes.


(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #707

oh, now this explain why there are a gazillion “same but different” shortcuts to do the same REDUNDANT thing (and has kept new users away for so long)…
Thanks for the history info. I didn´t know there was no undo before.
This is proof: There are many redundant shortcuts on keyboard because of that obsolete way of working.

(xrg) #708

Interesting seeing the reaction as it spreads around. I’m actually impressed—I expected a lot more hostility from the Blender Community than what I’ve seen.



Foundry/Modo forums (it’s still amusing to me that they have a Blender megathread there and it’s one of the most popular threads)

(Ace Dragon) #709

FOSS can make some amazing leaps in terms of becoming competitive if there would just be more focus on usability and workflow (at the request of users).

Take Godot for instance, they have actually made quite a bit more progress in their first few years than the BF did in the equivalent time after open sourcing, and that is all because they listen to the community and placed a lot of focus on making things usable and implementing needed features (which includes standard controls for certain areas).

2.8 was designed to be the workflow release and Ton and co. is delivering, Blender’s reputation in the industry is set to grow far more than it did during 2.5x.