Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


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I was following it for a while. there is another thread where blender is mentioned as a migration path out of Modo because of some of the foundry questionable behaviour.
a very angry customer on the Modo fourm complaining about it Foundry pirate hunters

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wow, is it even legal to monitor people’s devices just to catch those who use pirated version and does the end user know about it?..never though to see this happen.

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I think it is covered in the EULA under telemetry . And they can connect the dots if you have a valid license and another cracked copy of thir software they can figure out how you are from the valid license. Otherwise they track you through your IP and start sending you fishing emails if you respond you may confirm it to them … and since they ask for thousands of dollars in damages plus the price of software tracking people is probably profitable for them

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I once read a reply by a Foundry developer that they don’t recognize Blender as competitive (as in, they’re pretty confident it has no impact at all on their revenue or their user numbers).

Of course, that was 2.7x with the ancient viewport and the nonstandard ways of doing things :slight_smile:

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I’m intrigued. Would you care to elaborate on this, are you talking about BA or RCS here?
If RCS (as I don’t go there and have no insight), can you link me to some examples?!

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BA, but I’m not going to go in-depth on it. It’s a “hot subject” and will likely derail this thread even worse than it has been recently. I might be a little bitter about it, but I’m not interested in making this thread about the subject and/or getting flicked for it.

Sorry mate - it’s not worth it for either of us to dive down that rabbit hole here.

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I’ve been trying not to get tangled into this discussion for the past 6-8 years. Fairly successfully until this thread popped up.

But yeah, if it’s BA, I remember the debates going in here some 6-12 years ago. I used to partake, and I remember most of the protagonists, and what sides they were on and how hard they were rallying.

The RMB apologists won the battle then - they literally shut me up for good 6 years.
And yeah, I am still a bit bitter about it, that’s why my stomach turns when I hear of Right-Click Select — Blender.Community name (that is supposedly a joke, more like a racist/gay joke, that’s funny yes, but still racist/homophobic)

What’s ironic, all the arguments myself, you and others had back then are today being justified as the reasoning to make LMB Select default, by BI/BF non the less!

LMB select with integrated BoxSelect, Menus on top - whaaaaa? Click in empty to de-select…
Blender 2.8 is starting to look more and more like my custom setup I’ve had for the past 5 years.
Awesome! I obviously love it.
And Eevee … oh my!

I’m intrigued to see the effect of LMB default in the upcoming 2-4 years. If we were even remotely right - we’re gonna see blender explode on the CG scene, and eventually grow to unprecedented hight.

Blender FTW

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Lol if they’re gonna make left click select default, they need to apply that to the timeline too. Why would I want to adjust the timeline with the right mouse button when everything else is left?

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I’ve avoided replying on this thread but have been following closely. I do appreciate that left-click fully works now.
I never understood why the two groups are so hostile. It’s a tad confusing switching between programs and I know personally that I spent quite a bit of time trying to use right-click select in Maya and wondering why it wasn’t working. So I celebrate that left-click select works now but hope that the documentation will evaluate the difference in work flow that arise from left and right-click.
There is a difference and a substantial one. It would truly be a shame if somebody never tried both ways. I tried left-click, found it too buggy at the time, so sticked with right. Now I’ve developed joint issues and the right-click workflow lets me continue to Blender. In Maya, I ended up with extreme pain after a couple of hours. The ergonomic considerations are real despite the vocal doubters.
I do use a tablet for sculpting and definitely will be trying left-click for it. The button pressing on the pen is unfortunately not ergonomic despite a pen being better for the joints. The easy change on the splash screen means it’s easy to change on start up.
For a pen tablet, I’m probably going to explore the alt/Maya viewport navigation style as I detest clicking the buttons.
In the end, this is a positive development and I will try left-click in 2.8 before deciding if I should continue to recommended right-click for 3D newbies.

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In those old discussions, you must have received many odious responses of the type: Blender is free, developers are not your employees, develop the feature by yourself…
So I think about it and I am with you.
Unfortunately I am reading in the forum the same kind of odious answers now for artists who criticize something in 2.8, instead of just letting people express themselves.

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Just noticed that with left click select you lose the ability to set the 3d cursor as you can with right click. Instead you get a pop up menu… that is today’s build. Hash 27cccaeccd2…

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Shift + Right Click…

(MusicAmg) #742

awesome… thanks

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Well I don’t see anything great here, for me it’s looking just as an ugly compromise, ugly way to transfer the developing problems to end users. That is, if there is toolbar, then it should display Grab Tool and selections separately, without need to go into these small popups. Now, is it the Grab Tool internally a selection or move tool, I don’t care.
So, old story again, I’ll just forget Blender until final release, then I’ll see to which level is possible to override the defaults, most likely to do not display this toolbar thing at all - for now it’s just unusable. Or, I’d just switch back to right-click select, will see.

(carlosan) #744

Sorry people,

LMB Daily build:

it seem I can’t grab move vertices in edit mode of any object.

What i am doing wrong ?

(zeauro) #745

Left Click and Tweak Left (drag) are used for new active tools.
If you want to left click and drag to select and move something but not by using new Select tool; you have to remap shorcuts for all active tools.
Preferences -> Input -> 3D View -> Object Mode -> 3D View Tool…
Preferences -> Input -> 3D View -> Mesh -> 3D View Tool…
Preferences -> Input -> 3D View -> Curve -> 3D View Tool…

That corresponds to hundreds of shortcuts to modify.
A global left/right switch for active tools would be welcomed for 2.7x users who want select with left click.

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Hi. I’m not sure if you are referring to this:
or this:
or, I do not know if there is a problem in buildbot builds.

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I don’t really know the technical details behind it, but after some testing I don’t think selection should be considered a “tool”, specially not if its going to be separated into selection and box selection as 2 different things.

For left click selection, -and assuming the idea is to behave more like other programs- it should work like this (when not using shortcuts):

  • Single click on an object (or component in edit mode) should select.
  • Single click + drag on an object (or component in edit mode) should tweak.
  • Single click on empty space should deselect. Alt+A or AA should still be usable when there’s not empty space on the viewport.
  • Single click + drag on empty space should activate box select. B should still be usable when there’s not empty space on the viewport.
    Now, these behaviour should be exactly the same when any other tool is active, instead of changing from move tool to box select tool and then go back to move tool. The same applies with bevel, extrude, rotate, scale, etc.

If I leave the box select tool active and use just the shortcuts for the other tools (just like in 2.79) there’s no problem at all, and I can work exactly the same as before. But for new users, which will be surely using the toolbar before they learn the shortcuts it can get very annoying to be switching between selection tools and other tools all the time.

(Ace Dragon) #748

Some of them might now have egg on their face, as it was Campbell and Brecht who did most of the work to create a fully fledged LMB workflow with Brecht making it default.

Apparently you can no longer say for sure that having X in Blender is never going to happen. Now who wants to start the colored wireframe discussion back up? :laughing: :boom:

(carlosan) #749

Thx !

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