Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


(Craig Jones) #750

Huh, so if you turn on wireframe and use workbench with random object colors, does that make it already there?

(jendrzych) #751

Whoa! Random coloured wireframes would be a bomb! Missa want dissa!

(Charbel Nicolas) #752

Exactly my thoughts, when new users realize that selection is a tool and not a default behavior of the LMB click, they’re going to get frustrated.

Selection should not be a tool IMO.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #753

Selection are tools everywhere.

(Ace Dragon) #754

That discussion is for a different thread though, did you think I was serious about starting it up here with the emoji choice?

(3dioot) #755

I am a little bit baffled by all the people who use LMB and still miss the grab’n’drag.

I’d really like some of you to give this a shot. Really try it out, before dismissing it. Because for me, the plain select in 2.8, seems to give me 2.79 grab’n’drag. I can still select my edge loops too, alt + lmb edge loop, ctrl + alt + lmb edge ring, shift to add. It all seems to work.

So, for clarity once again, 2.8 now defaults to box select as the select mode.

There is a plain select mode under the select tool which is essentially 2.79 lmb.

You can choose that by either going to the tools panel and opening the fly over, or you can press w in succession to cycle through all the modes.

Once you have this selected, this will be your default. In other words, you can still press B for box or C for paint but when “exiting” that mode through rmb you will go back to plain select.

So you can hide the tool panel if you wish and work with shortcuts alone as you did under 2.79


With box select being the default this may mean that you have to set select to “plain” for the different modes. For example if I set select mode to plain in object mode and go to edit mode, it will show box select again.

Just switch it one time to plain select while in edit mode and you are set. From now on, when you enter edit mode it will still be in plain select.


In addendum Brecht is also considering adding an option to allow the user to set a default select mode. So instead of it defaulting to box select you will be able to choose plain select if you prefer. This sounds like a great idea to me and would really polish this off. :slight_smile:

(julperado) #756

I’m aware of this, with plain select and the use of shortcuts everything behaves just like 2.79 (plus we have the RMB for context menu).

My complain is about box select being a separate tool, specially for people that will choose left click selection and will use the toolbar without knowing any shortcut. With LMB selection, any new user would expect to have box selection as part or the normal selection behaviour of the program, not in a separate tool. Experienced users know that just hitting B will activate box selection, but that’s not a common behaviour in other programs (2D or 3D).

(Thinking Polygons) #757

It actually is…
Rectangle selection is always a tool, even on apps like c4d, photoshop etc…

(julperado) #758

In Photoshop, if you have Auto Select activated you can click+drag on empty space and a box selection will happen, selecting all the layers inside the selection area. But you also can do a simple click to select just one layer without changing tools. That’s what I’m talking about, there’s two type of selections (single and box) inside the same tool.

Rectangle Marquee tool is something completely different, in case you meant that type of selection.

EDIT: Just for clarification, the described behaviour of photoshop is not possible with Blender 2.8 right now. If Box select is the active tool, is not possible to activate tweak (or grab’n’drag) without changing to simple select. And, if the plain (or simple selection) is the active tool, I have grab’n’drag but can’t box select.
Again, both behaviours should be part of the same tool

(Craig Jones) #759

I did. Don’t start something there won’t be something …lol I did a quick post on rcs

(Thinking Polygons) #760

This is an extra feature of the move tool, is not something that happens in every tool. Besides, this is easy to do in less complex 2d apps. On 3d apps, performing tool actions by clicking and dragging on empty space is much more useful imo.

(julperado) #761

According to your own preferences yes, but the type of selection I’m talking about should be at least an option. Clicking and dragging on empty space to perform a tool action is not always what I want or need. In some cases, an automatic box selection is the desired result of click and drag on empty space.

(amm) #762

It won’t be the first time. BTW even in Blender it’s not hard to do, if all potential conflicting keys are killed at first - while some automatic conflict-resolving system wouldn’t hurt. Of course I’m appreciating the ‘give the chance to defaults’ idea (ok I’m lying now), however, because I can perfectly live without Blender, first I have to give a chance to myself, to be able to explore the more important parts, instead of new interaction thing.

(JohnMalcolm1970) #763

I was fine with RMB select. I am however going to try using 2.8 Beta with the new LMB behaviour for a while. What’s the worst that can happen :stuck_out_tongue:

(BTolputt) #764

That’s a good point. Ton has been stepping back from enforcing some of his personal views on the development process for a while (in the lead-up to 2.8 at least). Whilst I have great respect for Ton as a developer, I am grateful that his preferences are no longer the “veto hurdle” they once were… bringing us to coloured wireframes.

Campbell (if I recall correctly) put in a tonne of work to get it working, and working well, only to have Ton veto the feature. You didn’t need to use it (kind of like left-click select), it had no effect on people that didn’t use it (kind of like left-click select), and the people that did use it were very much in love with what it offered (kind of like left-click select)… you might be right - this could be the time for it to return. :laughing:

Colored Wireframe discussion
(BTolputt) #765

You could find you like it, explain why you like it, and then be torn apart by people that disagree. I mean, worst case scenario and all :stuck_out_tongue:

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After over twelve years i think it is the best choice to switch to left cilck.

awesome right click on object set smooth done, select a lamp right cilck adujst energy done … Awesome even if it take a couple hours to get use to it.

(Antaioz) #768

I’m not sure I’d use the menu as a determining factor, the same menu is only a ‘w’ press away for the right-click setup.

(Thinking Polygons) #769

There’s a world of difference between hitting the keyboard and using the right click context menu, but this is something keyboard shortcut evangelists will never understand. :slight_smile: