Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


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ok, I tried out left click select for the very first time and it looks nice. what I really love is the right click context menu. so what I thought (I didn’t read the whole thread so maybe this has been suggested before) why not make it like that with RS too. left click opens a context menu, shift click would move the cursor. Moving the cursor is really useful, but I don’t use it often enough to justify its binding to one of the most accessible actions*

edit *:this would also solve one of my main annoyances with the 3D cursor. When using a stylus you often accidentally move the 3DC, but you can’t undo it.

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Dont know if this got mentioned already, but what i noticed is an odd left click behavior in edit mode. All over sudden you have to press b again for box select and deselecting by clicking in free space is gone. The same for the graph editor and dope sheet. I would say either go all the way left click or not at all. At the moment it feels more like a compromise again.

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“I’m surprisingly getting adapted to left click select pretty fast. I’m scared, I don’t want to be a left click selector but I’m getting so used to it so easily.”
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀-- Pablo Vazquez

Just thought this an amusing moment of yesterday’s “Blender Live” video. It bodes well for the feature going forward that even the hardcore right-click select users find it “just works” the other way around. :slight_smile:

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Does this happen with your active tool set to box select?

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I see what you mean, it was probably some active tool that caused this behaviour in edit mode. But in the Graph Editor and Dope Sheet it remains. I can select single keys but i cant box select nor deselect with with left clicks.

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Yeah, I laughed when I heard him say that too :smiley:

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left vs right : I got used to left click select very fast, but now i found a drawback (maybe it was mentioned already):
In weight painting there is a way to be able to select bones and paint weights simultaneously… still wotks in 2.8, but only with right select (since you paint with the left button)… I hope this funcionality will work with left select somehow. it’s very useful to be able to slect a bone, rotate it and check/adjust weights, then select the next bone without leaving weight paint mode.

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Maybe if you go to Edit>Lock Object Modes and uncheck that - that was what they told me to do when I wanted to sculpt and paint on two different objects.

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No, that’s not it

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In weight paint mode select gradient then select the deformation bone and the controller bone

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right, I can select in gradient mode, thx

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I didn’t do much weight painting in 2.79, but in 2.80 with left click select I was getting very annoyed at having to switch between object, weight and edit to select things. The worst part was the weight paint settings aren’t all exposed on the top bar, and I had to keep switching between the mesh data tab for the vertex groups and the tool options tab to change some tool settings. Since I was rigging multiple objects on the same armature, it was also very annoying to switch between the objects. I also hope that multi-object weight paint will make it for 2.80.

This whole experience made me realise that perhaps right click select makes sense in some ways, although I would much rather just have a key that I can hold down that enables selection in modes where select isn’t the main action, such as scultping or painting.

I hope that workflows continue to be polished a lot over the first few releases of 2.8 series, with serious feedback accepted from users of each editor (e.g. feedback from animators and riggers for weight paint and rigging workflows) and then the software improved based on the most efficient workflows.

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If you have Lock Object Modes unchecked, it works the same as 2.79.

If there’s an armature modifier, in RCS you can use right-click to select which bone, or if you’re using LCS, you can use ctlr+left-click.

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A little proposal.

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Here’s what the transform tool needs in the meantime:


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In 2.79 when I grabbed an object with right click I could release right click and the object would keep moving until I confirmed with left click. Or right clicking again to cancel the movement returning the object to it’s original position.

In 2.8 I switched to right click select and when I grab an object with right click and release the move is confirmed.

How do I gain back the functionality of canceling the movement with another right click and confirming the movement with the left click?

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Thank you!