Blender 2.8 Join Deleting Main Object

Hello, I am making a tree and am converting my leaves from particles into a mesh. The leaves are connected to a branch. After I convert my leaves I select all the leaves and my branch and do ctrl J to join, and every leaf is joined together but my branch goes invisible. I have attached some images to show you the problem. I have been looking for a solution for 3 hours now would be great to get this figured out, still figuring out the twists and turns of 2.8

After Join

EDIT: As you can see there is still an outline of the branch, and no I don’t think it moved to another collection.
EDIT 2: If this helps you solve the problem, the branch shows up in non texture view so i think its my transparent bsdf is making my white branch invisible.

Thanks in advance

i was going to ask you this, do the leaves and the branch share the same texture or material,
because if not, the UV of the branch might just be on a alpha space of the texture, and that might be whats causing this .

but i am not sure
try assigning a new material to the branch and see what happens
or move the UV of the branch to where the leaves are in the texture and also see what happens !

Thank you for replying, though I fixed it by making the branch a different material because my image as plane loaded in a transparent white node, making my branch also go invisible, sorry!

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it ok whats matters it that you figure it out !!