Blender 2.8 LANPR [GSoC 2018]

Yup, looks clearer, with year number & low line added…
LANPR0404Win64 > > > LANPR_04042019_Win64

Hi guys, anyone managed to run it on Linux? Instead of the executable, a shared library is shown with the name ‘blender’, and when running from the terminal, an error is shown. Checked in the properties of that file, it is marked as an executable but not recognized as such.

Can’t help, still on w7.

Wow!!! Amazing fork/branch for Blender! I hope they just integrate to Blender soon!

GSOC 2019,it’s on!!! :slight_smile:


Where from we do activate the LANPR? I downloaded the latest build but I am not finding how to activate it. Freestyle has an activation checkbox, is there something similar for LANPR too somewhere? If there exists such a checkbox, in which tab can be found?

You have to choose LANPR as Render Engine instead of EEVEE.

In a recent build, LANPR panel should be under Render Tab.

This panel has a checkbox like Freestyle and is also visible under Render Tab when render engine is EEVEE or Cycles. But LANPR is not really working with Cycles or EEVEE, yet.
LANPR settings are just currently used to produce GP Strokes that can be rendered by EEVEE or Cycles and visible in viewport.
Currently, workflow is complicated and not satisfying for production. You have to add GP objects, add modifiers to meshes, configure modifier to precise relation between Meshes and GP objects.
Several settings are ignored or not working, yet.
Making everything working smoothly is the target of current GSOC2019. But for the moment, status is a WIP.

So, if you want to produce something with LANPR, safer way is to use LANPR as main Render Engine.

Thanks for the detailed answer Zeauro! Will look at it.

Hi, you can either choose LANPR engine or EEVEE engine, when using EEVEE engine you can only get LANPR results from the “Feature Line” object modifier, and select a GPencil target for the result.

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Today I had some results with it. But I still did not find how to achieve various styles (dotted lines, loose sketchy styles etc). It is very fast and its ability to draw the intersections between independent objects is great indeed. It needs, however, a good in depth video tutorial showing its use.

Great work in general! Many thanks for it! :smiley:

Well. A tutorial will only make sense when branch will be working.
Using LANPR has main render engine should give result but it does not allow to vary styles of lines more than color and thickness.
Other types of customization are requiring the workflow with GP objects to be a little bit stable.
Currently, update of Grease Pencil object is not working well. Some GP points have no thickness.

So, let some time to xp8110 to fix the issues before asking for documentation or a video.

Thanks for the information. Just asked thinking that maybe there are already features that I did not be able to locate.

Hi, once we settled down a workflow with the GP team and the rest of the devs, there will be a detailed documentation :D. As of now, it will be too early because things are bound to change.


Hi all. I am very interested to test this branch, but I can`t figure at all, how to use new modifier and what new modifier do.

Any instructions? Any example files, you can share at list for digging in?
In the previous version I had default line layers in render at least.

I see results with LANPR + F12, when I tuning layers. But can`t figure, how to get effect and GP lines or realtime snake outlining. Please help.

OMG. This. Is. Amazing.