Blender 2.8 LANPR [GSoC 2018]

Is there a portable Linux build out there? When trying to compile for Linux I get a lot of warning messages that are then treated as error. Is it necessary to enable a special flag or install some specific dependency to successfully build this branch?


Ortho nees a switch, which I havent put on ui now, but most cases we don’t need ortho, so persp implemented first. no problem adding that in.

Hundreds of objects with 3x subd require a lot Ram on software method and a lot of vRam on DPIX. I locked the vRam usage on approx. 2GB higher than that it is going to quit.


Unfortunately I don;t have linux machines, @zeauro is giving me feedbacks. He/She just now said after latest push it works perfectly. Try again, if any error report to me. Thanks!

@YAFU , you just have to disable warnings by adding a -w flag to cmake targets.
Then, it should compile.

Ok, thanks.
I build directly with blender make script from “blender” github folder. I’m going to investigate about how to disable warnings when building that way.

Some improvements for joining segments incoming:


Yo @xp8110 your branch is not build in windows win7 VS 2017 here is the full log I believe it is broken today

The LANPR project is closing in on its goals.

However, he needs help in figuring out why the engine isn’t working for F12 rendering (gets a black screen), maybe anyone here has a hint?

Like @erickBlender , branch does not compile under ubuntu.
A problem with Opensubdiv.

Trying to compile without is failing, too.

F12 rendering is coming along now:

See above if having compilation issues.


Although I updated opensubdiv to release 3.3.3 , it still does not compile.

The official patch on the developer site has been updated.

Is there a new working build for windows? I’d like to try it with all those bug fixes.

We are good now in Windows :slight_smile: an old character just playing around

the snake option have been my friend since the beginning LOL

Here is a build win 7


I keep playing with this, this model is a very old model from tutorial i followed back in the days, So far the snake option is the only one that is reacting to my tweak software and DPIX some how difficult to test.

Yo @xp8110 I saw you posting some kind of manual i lost track of it, can you or someone else throw the link here? :slight_smile:

It is indicated in his last report that he produced a patch for manual with a basic doc.

He says that he will stay around until it goes into master.
All modes are giving a result for me.
But by default when you add a line layer to Software or DPIX, thickness is at 0 instead of 1.
You have to keep contour lines at highest thickness. Secondary lines thickness value is a multiplier of that default value.
Software is not always responsive. I have to wait a long moment or to switch between solid mode or lookdev to obtain a result (render mode disappeared which is weird. Render is lookdev in the branch).

UI is weird. LANPR panel is under Scene tab. It is not under Render tab or View layer Tab where it would make sense.
DPIX may crash with a scene with millions of polys.
It is not the case for Snake. But Snake also seems to have problems. Tip extension does not seem to work.

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It was actually working just some settings that i did’t turn on yet “idle vs Reload” and sometimes i had to update the viewport. Here is something i have been playing with

I assume I’m not the first one thinking about it, but I wonder: is it technically possible to convert these line arts to grease pencil objects? It would be super cool.

There used to be an addon for converting freestyle lines to greese pencil lines (ive never used it). I assume the same would be possible with this new system.

it should if I remember correct freestyler used to export to svg which means it already gives access to its vector point’s location.

If the Blender Python API has access to that info it would definitely be possible via a Python addon.