Blender 2.8 Lattice modifier question

(bill2reg) #1

It seems that the lattice modifier is working on my mesh when the mesh is enclosed by the lattice. The mesh deforms according to how I have shaped the lattice. That’s what it should do. But, when I move the mesh outside of the lattice, and move it far away, the mesh is still deformed by the lattice modifier. It never did this in 2.79 or earlier. Before, if I placed the mesh OUTSIDE of the lattice (or moved the lattice off the mesh), the mesh would resume it’s unmodified shape. Is this something new, or possibly a bug?


I just tried it on both 2.8 and 2.79, behavior is the same - that is, if i move the mesh or lattice away from each other, they still somehow influence each other - BUT for some reason there’s certain areas where the intended behavior works fine. Seems like a bug though, have you reported it?

Edit: I’m still new and learning Blender so maybe there’s something I missed however, common sense tells me that if the object is outside the influence of the lattice then it should not be affected by the deformation.

(bill2reg) #3

I have not reported it because I am not certain that it’s a bug. I am not yet that familiar with 2.80. But I do know that in some earlier versions (possibly before even 2.79) that the lattice would NOT influence the mesh once the mesh was “outside” of the lattice. I remember animating a cube so that it would move through a lattice, and deform as it passed through and then reform as a cube once it passed through.

(pauljs75_) #4

Could be something to do with scaling and whether it’s applied. Other than that, it does sound like a bug. Deformations should quit outside the mesh bounds, since that’s a feature which makes it different than the bind behavior of the (otherwise similar) mesh modifier.