Blender 2.8 Luxcore Engine Setting Tutorial

understand every performance parameter inside Luxcore engine. be faster.

__Light bounce

__ Engine Mode

__ Caustic /Light tracing

__ Caches

__ Portals

__ Denoiser

__ Light strategy mode

and More …


Really nice work. Hope you’ll make another tuts on interior/exterior projects deeply. Maybe, course :wink:

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Moved to tutorial section

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Thanks for that !

Thank you for the tutorial. Good job!

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I finished watching the tutorial the second time and it’s really helpful. You cleared up all my questions at the moment regarding render settings.

I know you skipped PhotoGI Caustic Light Cache because you made a video about it earlier. I watched the video you reffered to with the pool. While I think I understood most if it it was very difficult because the audio was very poor. You probably didn’t have the best mic at the moment.

Maybe you can consider a redo in the future. Could be still helpful.