Blender 2.8 + MacOS Mojave. Can't edit anything


I have the latest blender 2.8 build and I am trying to use in a MacOS Mojave machine.

I unpacked it on my desktop and ran the app. As soon as it opens I hit TAB and try to eslect a face, edge or vertex. Nothing works.

I have already removed all blender settings and files from my computer and I have already loaded the factory settings.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I found out the issue was starting Blender 2.8 with my RX 580 eGPU attached. Apparently there’s a bug that makes Blender not recognize the eGPU and that was where the error was coming from.

I would like to know how to report this issue so it can eventually get fixed in the future :slight_smile: