Blender 2.8 models to Substance Painter

Hello all! I got a little problem here I am trying to import a base shell for my 2015 dodge challenger that I have modeled in blender. I’m am now trying to import the model (as an .fbx) into substance painter, now I have been able to correctly import blender models into paint using the old blender render id map. However as “Blender Render” is now gone in 2.8 I asking if anyone knows the correct way to import a complex model like this in painter without doing the odd effect where the half of the model you are looking at is transparent.
If anyone knows how to fix this or if I need to keep 2.79b around to use the old way of importing please let me know. Cheers, HyprecarDriver! :slight_smile:

Here is what the problem looks like in painter:

And here is the full model in blender:

Hi @HypercarDriver ,

that looks to me like the normals on your car mesh are facing the wrong direction ( inwards, not outwards). You’ll need to reexport after fixing that in Blender:

Or use the ‘flip Normals’ if the mesh doesn’t behave ( this can happen when you have an open surface like yur car body).

You can check which way the normals are facing in 2.8 easily with the face orientation check box - half way down the panel shown:

I’ve deleted the front face of the cube so you can see the outside faces are coloured blue ( the normals are pointing ‘outward’ ) and the inside faces red ( for ‘backfacing’). A ‘render’ generally doesn’t show this.

Substance needs this to be correct to calculate AO and the like.


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Thank you @DamianJ that was just what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

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