Blender 2.8 no switching between local and global view

There is no switching between local and global view that was implemented in Blender 2.79 by pressing “/”

There is no local view in 2.80 at the moment. And as far as I know there will be no such in Beta.

Is there any alternative? It is very convenient to remove from view all other objects for a short time, it allows you to edit the object, which in the local view does not block anything.

Yes, I know, but for the time being there is no 1:1 alternative. You can select object and press SHIFT+H to hide everything except this object, then press ALT+H to bring everything back.

Local mode hack for 2.80: (3.6 KB)

I’m not sure how this works if you’ve got multiple scenes, but this is what I wrote for myself some time ago. Note that this is a rudimentary hack until real Local Mode returns. It works by linking the object to a new scene.

When installed and activated, the hotkey is Alt-Q.
You can change it to whatever in the hotkey editor. Search for ‘isolate’.

I can’t be held responsible for blowing up the computer! Ahem. Should not cause any problems :wink:

Edit: Fixed a stupid typo.