Blender 2.8 not opening

my pc works well with 2.79 but when i downloaded 2.8 after installing it
when i open it shows this message then opens and closes at the same time any help im really exited to use eevee :frowning:
if there any solution for this please discuss it in details im beginner in blender
thanks <3

That message has to do with the sound system and is only a warning. It is common and most likely not the cause for the crash.

That is Win 7 you are using, right? Is this by any chance an older machine and your graphics don’t cater to Blenders new hardware requirements?

Please tell us more about your PC.


processor core 2 due E8400 3.00GHz
ram 4gb
graphics card amd radeon 3400 HD
3.3 opengl version

I doubt this is up to the task of running 2.80, thus why 2.79 works but 2.80 does not. Whilst it says 3.3 OGL It’s a low spec card.

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So that means I can’t use 2.8 ?

More than likely not. You can try to launch Blender with a debug so you can get a list of actinos and see where it fails. As chalybeum says, the 48000hz warning is trictly related to sound and can be ignored.
This page may help, may be worth trying the command line mentioned there;
blender.exe -d --debug-gpu

The whole thread is at:

Launching it from the command line rather than an icon or shortcut may help trace the issue as well.


how to do that method and what all those codes where to write them ? :confused:
is it command prompt !?
i did it and get this error

To run those, you open a command prompt window in the directory where the blender executable is and type them in. Assuming you are running windows of course.
That error makes me wonder if it could be a GPU memory thing, if your card is low powered with minimal onboard memory, it may fail as I think the minimum for 2.80 is 2GB of ram on the card.

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yup its weak card it says the adapter ram is 256 MB
but the approx total memory is 2007 MB
anyways thanks for your kind replay :blush:

No problems, yeah, that would definitely be no good for 2.80, it’s using shared memory for the remainder, but given you only have 4GB of ram any way, it will struggle there as well. Sorry to day you’ll have to stick with 2.79 until you can afford a system with more power.

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Thank you :wink: