Blender 2.8 on OSX

Hi, i plan to switch from windows 10 to IMac (OSX) . I want to know if someone here has both system or ever compare them regarding Blender 2.8. How is 2.8 in osx ? Is it quite same performance as in windows 10 ? How is the GPU support? What is the limitation so far ? render speed ? Any big issue on OSX so far ? Any suggestions ?

Any other information will be valuable for me.

Thanks a lot.

At this point with Apple’s behavior with drivers, I would not advise getting a Mac for 3D work, period. They’re all-in on their own Metal API, and seem to have no interest in supporting anything else. It’s fairly common at this point for 3D software to be just straight-up missing features on macOS due to driver limitations. In Blender’s case, that’s OpenCL for Cycles, because Apple no longer supports OpenCL. (other fun stuff in other software are things like no tesselation shaders in Substance Designer, have fun previewing your displacement maps!)

You may want to give this thread a read, as well: macOS is deprecating openGL

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Yeah, Mac for 3D/Creative work is a childish mistake. Stay away from this dead platform. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a Mac for about 4.5 years, and although I quite liked macOS, the past year Apple has made some dire decisions with regard to 3D on macOS, mainly ceasing support for OpenGL and OpenCL in favor of their Metal library, as @J_the_Ninja already mentioned.

Recently I was really fed up with the situation when I discovered that the Blender developers had ceased support for OpenCL on macOS, because of several issues. That made me decide to sell my Mac and return to Windows, running on carefully assembled PC hardware.

I made the switch about 3 months ago, and apart from a few minor, typical Windows issues, I haven’t regretted the move at all. On the contrary, I’ve finally got my beloved CUDA back, running on an NVIDIA GPU. I can install Blender add-ons that haven’t been released for macOS, there’s much more choice in software, I can customize my working environment a lot better again, can change hardware components without having to buy an all-new machine. And so on.

In conclusion: if 3D work is your main occupation, don’t switch to Apple. :neutral_face:

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Windows indeed is a junk system but don’t switch to macOS just for 3D work. As mentioned above these are very uncertain times for macOS/3D combo and probably no one knows how it will go on…
E.g. Mojave was released over 6 months ago and I’m still on High Sierra because there are no Nvidia drivers.

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I think that it all just comes down, nowadays, to "what is the best ‘tool for the job’ for you." The driver and support issues previously mentioned are very important to some people in some situations – but not-at-all important (for example) to mine. So it goes.

Software-wise, both are very good systems. (I use Macs primarily because they are Unix-based, and most of my day-job work these days benefits from that.) If you choose your hardware carefully and well, the Windows OS will [also …] take you anywhere you want to go. Once you get it set up the way you like, “fuhgeddaboudit and go to work!”

Microsoft has been in the operating-systems business for a very long time, and so has Apple. They’ve both got stables of customers who swear by them (and of course, sometimes swear at them …), and “they come by it honestly.”

Tools for the Job™ …

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As someone with a macbook for other reasons, I can say, yeah it works, but yeah, as far as tools for the job go, it wouldn’t be a good choice for 3D work.

Also as far as ‘great OS’ goes… Nah… Until you can copy/paste directory paths into finder windows it’s generally more hassle than windows 7 for day to day use…

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Atm Apple is not interested in anything 3d. Let go of it, unless you wanna write your own addons by yourself…

@Metin_Seven I think I’ll be following in your footstep soon. By the way… what configuration you came up with? I’ve just started looking around that…

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