Blender 2.8 open task it’s about 2440 bugs/1200 bugs fixed after the beta release!
Let’s say they fixed 100bugs per week
It’s will take them 6 months before they get to zero

Except that’s not how bugfixing in projects work, the reasons…

  • Some bugs can be fixed by editing one line of code, but many others require either a lot of new code, a lot of refactored code, or even a complete redesign of the module itself. Bugs that require the latter usually don’t get fixed for good until the devs. rewrite the module, which can take months of work to do.
  • Users have a reputation for always finding bugs that have not been reported and as such gets added to the bug-count. Devs. may smash them, but the tracker also gets new entries.
  • Regressions that come up will also ensure the number of bugs don’t go down in a linear fashion, even if the fix rate is linear.

To conclude, one would be foolish to think that software as big as Blender can become bug-free in a purest sense, but it is possible to make sure it’s not a total bug-fest when the release comes.


Some bugs can be fixed by fixing others. Alternatively, fixing one bug may make it harder or impossible to fix others. The entire fix may also be rendered irrelevant by a planned future upgrade.