Blender 2.8 quit then and tab to edit mode

I am facing a kind an issue with blender 2.8. When I select some objects in my blender file and tab to edit mode, blender 2.8 quit, just close the software.
Can any one have an idea of what is the problem and what could be a solution.

i had the same problem several times…
in my case it was usualy solved by rebooting my system and/or cleaning cache…
also take a look in device manager to see if your graphics card is still active. my nvidia card sometimes isn’t there anymore and my system switches to intel graphics chip. the intel chip crashes when a blend file is getting big…
hope this helps

Thanks Francozero. I have tried both suggestions, but it is still an issue. My projects are very small in size < 20K faces. In each project only one object causes blender to quit. These objects had either subsurface or Boolean modifiers at a one point of time. They however cause the same issue after all modifiers are applied or removed.
Any I appreciate you taking your time to help.

did you by any chance did a subsurface modifier twice on those objects?..
other than that, did you install some tool or program before the problem started?
im just asking because in my case the problem disappeared just as sudden as it started. after a cleanup of my drive, and removing some unused tools/programs i found blender working again… still not sure what the problem was tho…

It is possible I added and removed subsurface a couple of times, but never applied it. I also have hard ops active, it’s sometimes take over my Boolean operations when I use short cuts to add.
For now I deleted and reinstalled Blender and it is working on new projects.