Blender 2.8 RC 3 is now available - please download and test

Blender 2.8 RC 3 has been released.

Have fun, mib


No fun here.
Since I installed Blender 2.80 RC on my iMac, some of my preferences are inaccessible: no addons, no keymaps. Shortcuts don’t work anymore.
The latest beta worked perfectly, so where’s the problem?

Edit: see that it was reported to developers.


The download link for the release candidate is not working. I get a 404 error from the nginx server. The 2.79 download links are working just fine though.

Edit: The link has been fixed now. Thanks.

likewise I’m finding the Mac version at least seems to have some pretty serious issues. in addition to what Grimaldi posted, I have no drag and drop of blend files, and no help menu to file the bug report!

that said, the sheer number of suddenly appearing new issues likely suggests this might be a build issue, so I’m sure it’ll get resolved as long as word gets to the right person! :slight_smile:

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Thought it was just me that it was broken for on macOS so whew!

Nightly works fine.

The RC1 doesn’t load it’s own internal add-ons at all.
I’ve tried removing the 2.80 folder from Application Support > Blender and I’ve done a Load Factory Defaults on the RC1.

No joy at all. Hopefully there’ll be a new macOS build out that fixes it.

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Well, you Mac users be patient. You should bear in mind that even at some point the possibility of not supporting Mac OS at all for 2.8 was considered. So thank you developers are working on it. Surely problems will be corrected soon.

Currently there are some open reports in the bug tracker, you see if you can give some useful feedback about it.

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I remember when the Mac G3 came out. Apple was really dedicated to supporting graphics and the 3D industry. It seems like with every iteration they move farther away from supporting professional artists and make it more difficult for developers. I reluctantly jumped 100% a few years ago but I’m glad I did. I feel bad for mac users.

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I think someone should start a 2.8 RC1 torrent through a “legal” site, such as the Internet Archive. Right now, the BI’s servers seem to be overstretched. I’d do it myself, but I don’t know how to initiate a torrent; I’d help distributing, though, if someone started seeding a torrent.

We are extremely grateful that Blender Foundation have been working so hard on Blender for macOS. I for one bought a Blender Rocket to support the efforts, regardless of platform.

I think it’s quite reasonable to point out that the RC1 build isn’t loading up correctly on macOS without being shot down for it though… just in case we were doing something wrong on our end.

macOS RC1 issue report:

Sounds like it might be a code signing issue.

I can confirm from my Terminal the same output as shown there from my Mac.

And that the latest nightly build is working perfectly.

Just to re-iterate we macOS users love Blender 2.80. It’s amazing.

For MacOS users:
This was for RC1. You should download RC2 from first post.

My own personal advice for anyone coming from 3ds max or Maya : wait a little more before you switch to 2.8 except if you desperately need Eevee! You can do a little modeling if you are on low poly count scene.

I did some test yesterday since i recently start transitioning from 2.79 to 2.80 and i have to admit that for serious production 2.80 is not there yet.

1- Loading heavy mesh will make you cringe and undo are a nightmare on heavy scene or mesh.

2-You can do your laundry by the time you hit ctrl+s!

3-Edit mode even with medium mesh is almost unusable

4-You cannot bake any displacement map yet.

5-Subdivision are broken and behave erratically.

6-Some little thing that were requiring just a click or 2 now require opening multiple menu to get the same job done.

I am going back to 2.79 and will only use 2.8 for specific thing like Eevee and some light modeling task.

In a year it will probably be better but as for now i am not willing to fight my tool to get the job done.

What i have learn from blender over the years is that you always need multiple versions to have a decent production tool since often tools get removed or discard but for the price no one can complain right! :sweat_smile:

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The people in Autodesk’s executive suite will pop champagne corks and celebrate by raising prices again (because Blender 2.80 is not that unstoppable alternative they feared it would be).

Of course, part of this is due to the massive technical debt the devs. racked up during the project’s first half (as per the mailing list discussion), tons of todo items that would’ve otherwise sent 2.8 to 2020 and demotivate devs. and volunteers alike. Hopefully they can get a lot of loose ends like editmode performance taken care of for 2.81.

For me, the Cycles improvements are worth upgrading to. Random Walk SSS, color-based AO shading, bevel shader, Principled Hair shader, and the denoiser improvements. Then there’s the colored wireframe drawing, active tools, collections, multi-object editing, and other long-time lacks that finally made it in.


Agree and like i have said it was just my own personal advice for a gaming pipeline for folks coming from Max&Maya since they will eventually hit a wall in many aspect of their production.

As developers we will always need various softwares to get the job done since none is a complete solution unfortunately.

The time we lose to import/export to other apps is starting to cost a hefty amount of money in many studios since exporting yield a whole lot of errors that need to be address and often they cannot be solved the same way for each apps.

This was simply expected. It’s gonna rack a lot of fixing before something stable will be there. How long a full Blender release does take, normally? How long did it take for 2.79 to go thru all stages?
And this is much more complicated…
So hold on your pants…:smiley_cat:


Oh, come on! Those of us who did not have major problems with UI in previous versions of Blender 3D have been claiming features and better performance for years. Now it turns out that after the hard work that developers and UI team have done to satisfy the needs of users coming from programs like the ones you mention, are you surprised with low performance and features still not working, when a lot of the development effort has been focused mainly in new UI?. UI changes that have been introduced to satisfy the “industry standard” thing, even some changes that do not make sense or logic, and are now there because this is just the “industry standard”.

So please, now that most of you have all been satisfied with the new UI, you show some respect for developers showing patience while features and performance are added and improved slowly again.

This perhaps a bit over-hyped reaction of mine was before “polynut” edited his message. See dialogue and understanding between us below.

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Tell me where i show any kind of disrespect for the devs? I specify that it was my own personal advice to folks coming from 3ds max or Maya so as the name imply no one is force to listen to someone personal opinion right!

They made great progress but they have a lot of work upfront before it is a robust contender to paid options.

And again who would complain for the price but i am not complaining i am giving a simple personal advice to people like me coming from the main apps so please stop taking it personally.

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Exactly and i think that in 1 year it will be a beast!

One aspect i forgot to mention is that some great addons have been made only for 2.8 and it is worth to use 2.8 just to have access to these time saver addons.

Again this mean using multiple version to get the job done but one would be a fool to ignore tools that can save a lot of time in development cycle.

For hobbyists there is no big deal and they can happily jump in the 2.8 band wagon since they wont suffer any drawback because they don’t make a living with the software but on the professional side imagine you are a small developer and you have 2 to 3 employees then it become a whole different story.