Blender 2.8 Render Layers?

I want to separate my scene into different render layers, adjust them, then combine them with the “Compositor Nodes” in Blender 2.8. In the past, this was not problem, but Blender 2.8 (2.80-2826c2be545e) doesn’t allow me to do this.

I went to the “Properties” panel to the “View Layer” and found that it does give options for the view layer, but where are the options for multiple render layers?

I am aware of the options in the “Outliner” Panel when you can right click on an item, choose “View Layer,” and select the options of “Set Exclude”, “Set Indirect” etc. But this doesn’t allow me the freedom and flexibility of the render layers before the 2.8 Beta.

So, if someone could show me a solution, I would greatly appreciate it!
If you are still confused of what I mean by “Render Layer” or the process I am referring to, this should help.

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I don’t believe render layers are back in 2.8 yet. They are coming though!

Render Layers got renamed to View Layers. In the upper right corner of the UI you can add more View Layers, and do per-layer object visibility through the Outliner, and the old per-layer global material override and sampling override were recently added back in (for Cycles) in the View Layer properties, Override panel.

The full static and dynamic override systems will be coming after 2.80.

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As far as I can see you can do exactly the same thing decribed in that video in 2.80. It’s just that the functionality is split between View Layers and Collections. You separate the scene objects into Collections, and then create a View Layer for each one and set the Exclude state for each collection that you don’t want to include in that layer. Transparency is set similarly for the render, etc. Compositing is pretty much the same.

What don’t you think you can do in 2.80 that you could do in 2.79?


Just came across this. Was banging my head against the wall, wondering why render visibility is not unique per view layer, like object visibility is.

Thanks for the tip about excluding collections. I can work with that.

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The English word, “layer,” has always had a somewhat ambiguous meaning in the Blender world …

I just don’t get the new system. For instance, how do you set an object or a collection to act as shadow projection only. It seemed obvious to me that you had to change the "cameravisibility properties of the objects inside the collection, and when you switch collection, properties are brand new and you can play with that, wich would make it absolutely powerfull. But no ! when you change propertie of and object, despite the collection window you’re in, it changes in every collection…
I just struggle with this. It seems more intrigate and complicated than before for… nothing.
But I do understand that I don’t, wich is the problem ^^

Same here.
In 2.7x I was able to render freestyle render layer as transparent wireframes, now I couldn’t undestend how to do this.

Sorry to up this thread but I just find it because I was’nt understood how the new system works. After checking the doc’ (always RTFM, it helps :smiley: ), solution is pretty simple actually: for each view layer, right click on a collection > view layer > make your choice.

I think these RMB choices are the same than outliner options (some hidden by default), here the holdout option: