Blender 2.8 Selection problem


today i downloaded the latest version of Blender 2.8 to play around a little bit. But even in the beginning i have a problem. I go in editmod. Then i can select anything i want, vertex, edge or faces. But then, after i pressed spacebar and toggled to: for example grab; the manipulator appears and i can move the selection arroung. So far so good. But now, i can´t select anything. When i want to shift-click on a vertex, i only transform the already selected vertices. The same when i rotate or scale. After i have choosen my transformmode, i can´t select anything. What do i wrong?

That’s the new & improved work flow just for you :wink:

NOW… every time you want to make an action you must get out of the present action & select another tool (3D cursor – SPACE then 1) - Blender doesn’t work automagically anymore. Except with NEW shortcuts.

The old way is gone…

what the hell, really? in every 3d application, i can select when iam in any transform-mode. Even Blender did this. Now theres is no way to do this further? But when iam for example in grab-mode. at the bottom there is a explanation of the tool and with the left mousbutton i should can select. (i switched to left mouse button). I think that is actually a bug. When i swichted back to right select, then it works.

Well, i think the confusion and bad flow arises from the left VS. right click feud. At least for first couple of iterations Blender should stick with own established standards and do industrialized standardization slowly along on the side track. When beta and finally official version hits the land… it’s gonna be a landslide of confusion.

Also makes a problem navigating Maya/C4D way - using Alt +