Blender 2.8 single user objects and actions

Are there any informations of when make single user will be available on 2.8?
Before 2.8 stable release or its postponed to 2.81?

Is there any workaround for now to unlink one object from instanced scene?

I guess I get something wrong about your question. Do you mean, when you have e.g. 5 cubes using the same object data (duplicated as linked with alt+D) how to make them single? Like this:

try to instance the whole scene then see that there is actualny no way to unlink object

That is what I got wrong. Dumb question: How to instance the whole scene? Normally I make a full copy or a linked copy, like this:

linked copy will make inastance on objects- the there is no way to unlink

hi @docent
so there’s no way to unlink the transform of linked objects between scenes?

The trick Is that collection is the thing that is linked. You cannot unlink object inside linked collection