Blender 2.8 strange wireframe (issue?)

Hi guys,
after some hours using blender 2.8 my view changed. I can see some of the wireframe (in edit mode, solid). I attach an image so maybe can help to understand the issue (because I didn’t activate any special view mode).

Another issue is that I can only view the border of selected face (and not the full orange surface color). If I append all the scene in another fresh file, it works (for some hour, I can’t understand why change sometime).

Is it a bug?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Donald, try those:

Wireframe issue: check n-panel (hit n in 3d viewport), view tab, clip start value. If it’s too low, it has the effect you’re seeing. Default is 0.1.

Selected face: check in overlays dropdown, mesh edit mode (roughly in the middle of the dropdown), if faces is checked.

Thanks a lot!! You solved both my problems :smile:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: