Blender 2.8 - Switching tabs : This is why we need application templates

Hi. I needed a catchy title, will keep it simple.
As of May 6: what is the shortcut for switching tab workspaces? CTRL+TAB doesn´t work. I do have custom pref folder. I don´t know if this shortcut is still active, or if it has changed? I need to switch between workspaces.

2nd thing: When can we actually start further customizing application templates for Blender 2.8? Is there documentation where we can get started as of now -MAY-? Thanks.

Ctrl+PGUP/PGDN cycle the workspaces if that is what you mean.

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Thanks man.
Every day Blender feels more like a type writer of old, picking up my hands from keyboard and mouse. But ah…well… whatta friend…