Blender 2.8 : the awesome little things you dig

Hi to u all ! As I started playing with the 2.8 beta a few hours now, I noticed some changes, some little changes, that makes Blender 2.8 a bit less annoying to use. This topic is meant as a ‘quick tips and tricks’, so if you’ve noticed some changes you really dig, please share it here !
Here for a start : background images to use as background references.
I really like the way you “add” these to your scene as “empty”, and tweak them in the object data panel, just like you would in 2.79 in the N panel. And I quite like the idea that I don’t need the “load UI” option in order to save them with the blend file. Now if I close and reopen my scene whether I have the load UI option on or off, here they are again ^^. No lost references anymore…
So, what about you ? What did you find that makes your blender life easier ?

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Off the top of my head…

  1. default light theme that’s extremely readable (no more fighting to build one from scratch and fighting again to keep it up-to-date/usable)
  2. left click (let me say that again) LEFT CLICK! :sunny:

Same here for the dark theme. I don’t feel the need to change anything (at least for now).

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Also have a look at this for tips;

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1.Multi Object editing

2.Quick Favourites

3.Actual Layers

On the other hand…

1.this annoying bug(or feature, you never know) where the creases and bevels are now applied when you apply the mirror modifier :confused:

2.Sub d modifier is way less efficient than it was before.

Quick favorites is quickly becoming my favorite feature. Completely forgot about the multi-object editing, but this one is a major thing.

Cool. I’m sure this’ll help.

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