Blender 2.8 to IMVU (FBX export)

I have modeled an accessory (sci-fi gun) that I want to get into IMVU. I have looked at tutorials and am still struggling.

Has anyone done this that I can show you my blend file to do the fbx export? Or even better help me with actually get my model into IMVU?

Many thanks.

You need to save the FBX in FBX 2013 format…so you would need a converter HERE

But do I export just the accessory or it and the full model? The actual process seems confusing. Have you done this RSEhlers?

Also this articles seems to say that you can just use 2.8 export.

It’s just confusing.

OK I guess they changed things a bit…It has been a while since I dealt with this.
I would recommend you watch the Twitch Video…HERE From Katbits at about 25 minutes in, he discusses appending the object to the Accessories Blend ( that has all the bones etc) as you need to create a vertex group with the object ( rifle) and parent it to the armature of the hand, then export the Rifle and the armature ONLY ( he deletes all other things in the blend as I guess just selecting “selected objects” doesn’t work now) as the FBX which you then import to IMVU…

This is a good tutorial and having limited success. Fingers crossed

So close but… Using Blender 2.8 and the 2.8 character file. The object imports and is attached to the hand but is offset. I thought it might be my model so I tried it with just a cube, and the cube is also offset. Both objects have origin set to center to mass and Applied rotate and scale.

Note: I could not perform one of the actions in the FBX output. Under Export FBX the Geometries tab “Use Modifiers Render Setting” is ghosted.
Know issue:

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Just to ask…you applied rotation and scale…then created the vertex group… then Parented the rifle to the hand armature using Ctrl+P > Parent Object ( keep transform )?

Render settings are disabled now in 2.8RC3, haven’t checked 2.81 or 2.82

Yes, I applied rotation and scale, then created the vertex group attachmentRoot), and then Parented the laser gun to rtHand(AttachmentRoot) using Ctrl+P > Parent Object ( keep transform ).

It imports and moves fine. but just had that crazy offset. So I thinking it was my model I just tried a cube. And the exact same offset occures!
Can you try a cube in IMVU? Does it offset for you?
Thank you so much for sticking with me this far.

Give me a few days as I had to download the Windows app and need to get the blend files from katbits…then i’ll give it a try.

I just finished giving it a shot, but up against a wall of ( here spend money to get that option) I am not going to pay for VIP status on something I will never use…so SORRY…not able to give it a try!

OH I get that, but want to link me to your FBX file? I have developer privileges for IMVU.
Or I could give you an IMVU password to try it.\

I don’t want your password … so let me create a Blend and Fbx and I’ll stick them up on the cloud later today. Ill drop by afterwards and add the link to this reply.

Thank you so much.

Here you go…I think I got it DOWNLOAD
FBX and Blend-2.8R3 file

This is weird. Your offset is father away than mine. Just to on the samw page here is how I imported into IMVU:
Derive New Product
Female Accessory GO
Import FBX/ Load FBX / Your file
(Did not change any setting) Configure FBX
(Back on Screen) Apply Scale 0.01 Mesh ID 2 CLICKED Import
Import Changes/ Apply Changes
Config Menu/ Attachment Node rtHand

I did find the KatsBits forum and posted there.

I may have figured this out. In 2.8 My test got the box in with no offset
I parented by.
left clicked the box
SHIFT clicked the rtHand(AttachmenRoot)
Object/Parent/Bone (and click the keep transformed box)

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ex Imvu modeler here. Tagging along this thread. Amazing to see IMVU hasn’t disappeared.

TY I never thought I could get this in 2.8. It still needs tweeked but proof of concept.

Frikk! Is this how IMVU looks now? I left it back on 2009