Blender 2.8 to IMVU (FBX export)

Is Frikk good?
While you are here can you give me guidance on attaching my modeled skirt to the skeleton in 2.8?

Just to clarify Left Click Box…then you Shift Clicked the R-Hand instead of the R-Hand Attachment Root?

In other words Parented to the R-Hand with Keep Transformations?
Yep that would make a difference…and totally Not How the tutorial showed.
Glad you figured it out!!

Sorry, that I was not clear. You do Left Click the Box then SHIFT CLICK the rtHand(AttachmenRoot)

The difference in the video is that your patent to the Bone.
Object/Parent/Bone (and click the keep transformed box)

Thanks for sicking with me on this RSEhlers

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Frikk is my short word for “frikkazoid” which was a representation of a toon character WB aired back in the 90’s. In general is a crossover between “this is crazy” but it’s “crazy good”. My own terms.<

Build extra bones, and make the parent of those bones the hip controller. Select the skirt in POSE MODE and then click the bones of the skirt. You later need to adjust weights. Weights are organized into VERTEX GROUPS. That´s how you know what bones are influenciating what.

Bit of a necrobump but thought it worth answer for those searching BA on this topic. First, if you’re having trouble with the vids linked above, suggest watching these instead now. A couple of points;

@Guyon (and searchers) make sure your meshes are positioned where they need to appear and that they have; A) a vertex group (“AttachmentRoot”) and B) are parented using an Armature Modifier to the accessory armature NOT the bone (as implied by a couple of comments) representing the avatar bone, that’s all it needs.

When importing make sure to select the correct Skeleton Root (typically the one with fewer bones) else you’ll offset, and that you change the ‘attatchment root’ in config.

Now if you’re getting an offset double-check it’s actually offset (an error) and NOT just the result of using none-standard avatar body parts… when assembling initially you want to use the defaults then any you know positional issues relate to the body parts used by the avi and NOT your mesh, and you can compensate as needed.

Regards FBX format… the included exported Blender ships with has been okay to use since the earliest days of its support so you shouldn’t need to be buying or upgrading anything to make content for IMVU.