Blender 2.8 Tool panel, can't find

Hello folks!
In BLender 2.8 I can’t seem to find:

  • option to render children to a hair particle… while in Combing mode
  • The Add-Hair Tool use to have a remove hair particle mode to it as well… now I can only shorten the hair through “cut” but not completely remove the hair particle… Also, I can’t seem to find the “interpolate” option for adding hair particles.
    The whole Tool Panel is jus a few icons which don’t have any options to it… and the top bar doesn’t show any of these options either.

Again… this is all in Comb mode

Where can I find these options? Any hint appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Edit: correction “Cut” used to remove the hair particle completely. …

It is hidden in the options panel at the right edge of the top bar.


Sorry Bro, but can you point out to me where exactly I could find this here in the latest 2.8? Thank you:

They should be in the properties editor.

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honestly… I would have never even thought of looking there, haha.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

My apologies. The UI is reshuffled often these days. My build of 2.8 was a bit too old already.

Hey, no prob! Thank you for the help anyway :slight_smile: