Blender 2.8 - Trying to install addons with Blender on D drive still installs to C drive folder

I have Blender unzipped into the HDD D: drive on my computer and I have a separate SDD C: drive for Windows stuff and a few programs. When I go to install an addon from the zip file, it says it installed to “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons”

I have all the custom file paths in the user preferences set to folders in the D: drive, and the scripts is specifically “D:\[username]\Documents\Blender 2_80\_add_ons\addons” for the custom folder.

Why won’t Blender install or look for addons there? Am I missing something? Do I need to do the old fashioned copy+paste the io_ folder to that or elsewhere?

After trying to install it and giving the message it was put in the C drive, it does not show up in the addons list.

You can normally (like 99% of the time) just copy them from your appdata… folder to the addon folder in your blender install. It is annoying but it seems to be the only way to do it, I just filter by time and select all that was copied over that way.

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Sounds good. I will have to try that tomorrow. Maybe it’s a Beta thing.

If you set a custom path for add-ons as you did, you ALSO have to select the option Target Path “User Prefs” when installing the add-on to actually use this alternate location:


The other option is to create a new folder named config inside the 2.80 folder under your extracted location (so D:\whereIputBlender\2.80\config) and if this exists when you start Blender it will only look in the un-zip location for add-ons (and will install them there by default) as well as the rest of the Blender config files and the AppData directory should never be touched. This is nice if you want to keep each 2.80 beta version isolated from any others that you have. You’d just need to install add-ons and setup (or copy over) the preferences etc. for each new version since each will use its own config files.

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Oh! Thanks for showing me the official way, I didn’t see that.

However, I did try setting it to use the custom file path, and the addon was not showing up in the addons list. I think this is now a thing with the zip file’s structure because I had to do what @joseph_raccoon suggested and drag out the io_… folder directly in the custom addon file path. When Blender tries to install directly from the zip file, it’s like it just unzipped it and the io_ directory was not the immediate subdirectory that was extracted, if that makes sense.

I put the io_ directory in the custom filepath addons folder and now it shows up and I can enable it. Now if only the addon would work… lol!

Thanks for all the help.


hey, how to set the path?

Preferences/ File Paths/ Scripts

i have been following this trying to open space on my ssd but whenever i try and move the files they will not appear, do i need to reinstall each one. what is the io directory? i am making my own area to instal them leaving blender where it is since its official version and not a zip