Blender 2.8 UI advancement suggestions

Hello! I am not sure if this is the forum for this (If not, please tell me where I should post this), but I would like to describe a few frustrations with the RC3 and how they might be improved

  1. The option to hide objects for a final render. As in the 2.79 there was a very easy way to make objects invisible to the camera. For some reason there is no such option in the toolbar anymore which makes it really hard to have a non-destructive workflow while using the boolean modifier.

  2. Materials. I don’t know what happened, but in previous versions it was way easier to duplicate materials and make them independent. And as of now it is more complicated and for beginners. It is a huge hassle to just make separate materials. A distinct “Duplicate” button would be helpful

  3. A “Quick access” panel for the most used options in blender. Such panel would be modifiable by user itself. The user could add shortcuts in there such as “Recalculate normals” and etc. for quick access.

  4. Make lights at least a bit more uniform across both eevee and cycles. I think about a separate toggle which would change light intensity to match both engines. Would it be hard to implement? Because when switching to cycles from eevee the lights are just dim. So automatically increasing their intensity would be really helpful for a smooth workflow.

  5. Automatic node setup for texture paint. This would just save time when entering the texture paint category.

  6. Properly labeled options/tabs/functions. When hovering a mouse over a certain option an explanation occurs of what it does. Currently most are not clear. And especially in particle tab, when you have to play around with hair options just to see what some settings do. This would make things soo much easier for beginners. And long time users as well.

  7. Make it less frustrating for users to fix light bleed in eevee. A toggle or just settings under one category

  8. An easier way to select multiple objects in “editor” panel and an easier way to create collections. Simmilar to the way that photoshop handles layers. Shift clicking two objects far away from one another would select all objects in between. Ctrl click would aditionally select/unselect objects. And clicking a “create new collection” with objects selected would automatically put selected objects in a collection.

Thank you. Again, if this is not the forum for this, I would appreciate your help in guiding me towards the right one.

And I love this update, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to share my experience with 2.8

Properties > Object > Visibility or enable this field in the Outliner

This hasn’t really changed, so it works the same.

We have Quick Favourites for that.

Already implemented. It’s been there for a month or two.

Yes - perhaps there will be development in this area to allow for better and more advanced layering and texture work.

If any tooltips are bad or unclear, report them here and I, or others, can fix them:

It’s more of a technical issue than anything else. Developers are aware of the issue.

Not sure what you mean by ‘editor’ panel.

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