Blender 2.8 unlink object from scene

For previous versions of Blender, deleting an object shared between scenes, meant unlinking it from that scene (It is still existed another scenes). With the new version deleting it means losing it from all scenes.
Am I missing something? How can I just unlink the object

Same question here

I really HATE this changed. So I provide a possibility of saving your data from Goddamn unlinking. If you lost your data from unlinking without backup, please check follow to see If It’s still there:

  1. Change from " View Layer " to " Orphan Data ".
  2. Find your missing data from Mesh, you might want to check something else, too.
  3. Copy the data and paste to the right scene.

If you lose a lot of data, you might be lazy to change the name that might generate some extension. ex Cube.001.

Hope this save someone to backup your works, and DONT EVER NEVER USE UNLINK AGAIN!