Blender 2.8 UV Editing workflow worst than in 2.78!

The proof is in the pudding guy’s but look at the difference between the 2 for such a simple operation;

In 2.78 displaying UV grid is a matter of 2 buttons click ;

In 2.8 you need to click 8 time to get the same result;

I know it still in beta but since they froze the UI i don’t think there is any intention of fixing this anytime soon.

Several users requested to change UVGrid and ColorGrid as overlays.
I did not find a task to do it.

But I think that current situation is not what was anticipated.

In 2.79, drag and drop from image icon in UV Editor header to mesh in 3DView is setting image as UVmapped for Blender Internal.
Plan was probably to make this working for Cycles and EEVEE.
But it was not done because of lack of time.

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The UV Editing workflow is something I’d like to see addressed in the 2.8 series for sure.

For a workaround, you can pop into Texture Paint and use the Texture Slots to create the UV Grid. It’s still not ideal, but can save you the hassle of plugging things in by hand.


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I feel like some people trying to find a reason to hate blender 2.8, getting super annoying. Evolution is not possible without change. To improve or to add something you have to change something.

I have nothing against 2.8 and change but after 17 years working in various game studios i can point out bad workflow and when you have so many people struck by rsi then you try to make life easier for people.

The main point of blender 2.8 is suppose to be a better user experience after all so this is only positive if it get the attention of the devs.

This workflow is still missing some steps!

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